Bits & Pieces … Weekend Cup O’Chiefs

Its Final Four weekend and the baseball season has opened. Hockey and the NBA are headed down the homestretch of the regular season.

And football fans are left waiting for action not on the locked out playing field, but in the courtroom. That comes up next Wednesday when the league, players and a bus load of attorney types step inside the U.S. District Court in Minneapolis.

Rather than get ahead of ourselves with the legal implications coming next week, we’ll begin the weekend by cleaning out the notebook on items that have popped up in the last few days. Call it Bits & Pieces.


Earlier this week Jamaal Charles spent a day in Bristol, Connecticut at the home of ESPN, touching base at all their platforms from television, radio, magazine and

One of the tidbits that came out of his conversations there was the present he bought himself as part of the contract extension he signed last fall – a brand, new Lamborghini.

And when he’s been back home in Port Arthur, Texas during this off-season, Jamaal takes his car and runs errands, including stops at the local Wal-Mart.  

“Who goes to Walmart in a lambo,” is what his friend, Seattle Seahawks and former University of Texas safety Earl Thomas wrote on his Twitter page.

“That was my dream car, and that was my goal this year (2010),” Charles said. “Every time I’d be in the backfield, saying, ‘You gotta get this Lambo, you gotta get this Lambo.’ So that’s my motivation.”

If you aren’t a gear head, a Lamborghini is an Italian sports car that generally sells for something between $250,000 and $350,000. Yes, you’ve read that right – a quarter of a million plus.

Here’s a link to the story that also includes Charles talking about his work load in the Chiefs offense.


It was apparent in talking with Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz and defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham at the NFL Combine back in February that the team planned to appeal the tampering charge from the league that was originally filed by the Chiefs.

The events involved the free agency soap opera of last summer surrounding Jarrad Page. Ultimately, the NFL agreed with the Chiefs that the Lions had impermissible contact with Page and/or his brother/agent. The penalty was the loss of a seventh-round draft choice and a swap of positions in the fifth round between the Chiefs and Lions.

The Lions documented their appeal, including statements from both Paige and his agent that there was no contact with the Lions. And, the Detroit organization clammed up on the subject because they were upset that the whole scenario became public in the first place.

Today, it’s hard to believe the Lions feel like they won this appeal. First, the swap of picks in the fifth round holds – the Chiefs moved up and the Lions moved down. The league reinstated Detroit’s seventh-round choice in this year’s draft. But, they took the Lions seventh-round pick for 2012, and it could be a sixth-round choice if Detroit makes the playoffs in 2011.

Hardly a change, so did the Lions win or lose this appeal? Given the uncertain state of the labor situation in the NFL, a draft pick next month is more of a sure thing than a choice next year. So keeping the ’11 pick may be a slightly better situation for the Lions.

But given their attitude back in February at the Combine, they still can’t be very happy.


The trade association formerly known as the NFL Players Association decided earlier this week not to request potential draft picks to boycott the league’s proceedings for the first round of the Draft on April 28th.

Good move on their part – the whole idea was petty and silly. The players do plan to have some of their own events in New York that weekend, so that figures to be an interesting weekend of competition for the attention and attendance of draft choices.

Turns out the league has invited at least 20 players to visit Radio City Musical Hall that night. So far, three have accepted publicly – Alabama WR Julio Jones, Texas A&M LB Von Miller and Iowa DE Adrian Clayborn.

Miller’s situation is interesting, since his name is on the lawsuit filed against the league in federal court in Minnesota.

Near as we can find, here are 13 other players that reportedly have gotten one of those 20 coveted invitations – Auburn QB Cam Newton and DL Nick Fairley, George WR A.J. Green, Wisconsin DL J.J. Watt, Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert and DE/OLB Aldon Smith, Alabama RB Mark Ingram and DT Marcel Dareus, LSU CB Patrick Peterson, Clemson DE Da’Quan Bowers, Nebraska CB Prince Amukamara, Boston College OT Anthony Castonzo and Southern Cal DE Cameron Jordan.


The NFL lockout actually started back in October for former Chiefs RB Larry Johnson. That’s when he was cut by the Washington Redskins and he did not resurface in the league during the rest of the 2010 season.

Whether there remains anything in his pro football career is doubtful … the Chiefs pretty much ran him until his tires were flat and tattered. But his past continues to chase him and that had him attempting to move a lawsuit against him out of Jackson County Circuit Court.

His attorney argued in front of the judge that they couldn’t seat a jury in his case that was without bias against Johnson.

“If we can’t get a change of venue in this case, it is insurmountable,” Johnson’s attorney Jack T. Bangert said. “We want to go anywhere but here.”

How many times did Chiefs fans have similar sentiments during L.J.s troubled times with the Chiefs?

Bangert suggested moving the trial to Lafayette County, or Lexington. I’m not sure if L.J. or his attorney know much about Lafayette County, but let me provide two pieces of information that they could have easily found on Wikipedia:

  • Lafayette County was settled primarily from migrants from the Upper South states of Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia. They brought slaves and slaveholding traditions with them, and quickly started cultivating crops similar to those in Middle Tennessee and Kentucky: hemp and tobacco. Lafayette was one of several counties settled mostly by southerners to the north and south of the Missouri River. Given their culture and traditions, this area became known as Little Dixie. In 1860 slaves made up 25 percent or more of the county’s population. Residents generally supported the Confederacy during the Civil War.
  • As of the census of 2000, there were 32,960 people, 12,569 households, and 9,099 families residing in the county … The racial makeup of the county was 95.52% White, 2.27% Black or African American …

And then there was this billboard that could be seen off I-70, just outside Odessa:

They might want to reconsider and take their chances with a Jackson County jury.

12 Responses to “Bits & Pieces … Weekend Cup O’Chiefs”

  • April 1, 2011  - bhive01 says:

    I’m not sure I’d drive a sports car like that to Wal-mart, but when I used to work there in HS/college you’d see them parked in the back of the parking lot during the summer all the time in Lee’s Summit on 291.

    He deserves that car though. Dude had a great season. I just hope he stays healthy and gives us 5 more seasons like this last one (assuming we have seasons).

  • April 1, 2011  - ChuckP says:

    Being a small business owner and knowing the daily stresses and strains it takes to run a company, meeting payroll, payroll taxes, and laying awake at 3 o’clock in the morning worrying about keeping customers happy it just makes me puke that the players have to be so greedy. They get their paycheck regardless if the stadium is half empty and I truly doubt if even 1% of them knows what it encompasses to make a company run effectively and successfully. They need to realize there’s more to this whole thing than just how much money they are going to get out of it. GREEED is truly a BAD THING. If my employees acted like that I would just fire them all and start over. There are tons of people looking for a good job!!!!!!!

  • April 1, 2011  - Mike says:

    Bob, your suggestion that Larry Johnson could not get a fair trial in Lafayette County simply because of his race is appalling. You should be ashamed of yourself. It doesn’t matter if it’s in Jackson County, Lafayette County or St. Louis County. If LJ doesn’t get a “fair” trial it’s because of his reputation and factors in the crime(s) he allegedly committed against a women. I cannot believe you would write something like that and base it off of Wikipedia or a billboard. Have you even been to Lafayette County Missouri? HAve you met any of the people from Layfette County? Your statements are disgusting.

  • April 1, 2011  - Justin says:

    Mike, I think you are missing the point. A jury of peers. Not quite what you would call peers if it is predominantly white and southern conservative.

    Everyone is so quick to take offense, geeez.

  • April 1, 2011  - gorillafan says:

    I agree Justin..

    As for Charles, I thot maybe his ego would be getting the best of him now with his “Lambo”. But the quotes that he gave in Bobs link to the espn interview settled that down for me. You can tell he has “bought in” to Haleys way. He is thinking long term, hall of famer, not one year wonder, working hard, preparing, staying low with no off the field issues, thats what haley and pioli preach, Charles is the total package!!

  • April 1, 2011  - leonard says:

    Mike: No offense but you are an idiot. It was his attorney that made that point, not Bob.

  • April 1, 2011  - RW says:

    I’m always somewhat stunned by the way players piss away money but kind of understand why they do in terms of where they came from on the socio-economic scale. If JC25 has to have a Lamborghini to float his boat, enjoy the ride.

    If they have to spend the huge $$$, I’d recommend they go for a mini-stretch limo, blackout tint, and fulltime driver but that’s probably way too staid for the ‘playah’ of today.

  • April 1, 2011  - bossmanham says:

    I wonder if Bob thinks his prejudice against the people in Lafayette is better than prejudice against LJ’s race? Did he not notice the irony here?

  • April 1, 2011  - Mike says:

    Leonard, maybe you should learn to read. LJ’s attorney

  • April 1, 2011  - Mike says:

    Leonard, you are the idiot. His attorney WANTS to take the trial there, “anywhere” but Jackson County. Take offense if you want.

    Justin, I understand your point.

  • April 1, 2011  - Randy B says:

    Does his attorney wants the case to be moved to Lafayette because he feels it’s more likely to find jurors who themselves like to spit beer in women’s faces? That’s the only logic I can see in it

  • April 1, 2011  - Nate says:

    Not much football when we are all having a pissing contest over LJ and Lafayette County. I like Lafayette County and detest LJ. Can we all agree on that? Can’t we all just get along?

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