As Hot As It Gets!

From St. Joseph, Missouri

There are no records around the Chiefs for temperatures during training camp. If there were, what the team practiced in on Monday at Missouri Western State University might win the gold medal.

The high temperature in St. Joe was 103 degrees. At one point, the scoreboard at Spratt Stadium on the MWSU campus showed 108 degrees.

It was easily the hottest training camp day since 1981 … that’s when I started going to Chiefs camp. The summer of 1980 was legendary around the Midwest for its heat, so maybe there was a hotter day that year. Back in the day, I’m sure there were moments when camp at William Jewell College in Liberty felt like it was on the surface of the sun.

Here’s the most remarkable fact from Monday – every player walked off the practice field. Nobody was carried off because of reacting to the heat. As extreme as the weather was, and the fact the players spent half of practice wearing shoulder pads, that’s testimony to the overall physical condition of the team.

Tuesday is supposed to be even hotter, but the Chiefs are off. The new labor agreement gives them a day off after five days in camp.

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