Arrowhead Monday Update – September 30

They are 4-0, but it has come with a physical price for the Chiefs.

Monday afternoon, head coach Andy Reid outlined some of the activity that was going on in the team’s training room 24 hours after the 31-7 victory over the New York Giants.

Jamaal Charles was dealing with blisters, a lot of them on the bottoms of his feet. Dustin Colquitt was being treated for a knee sprain. Eric Fisher was about to close out Day No. 1 in the NFL concussion protocol.

Room was made for them by guys that were unable to play in Sunday’s game – Brandon Flowers, Anthony Fasano, Travis Kelce and Jeff Allen.

It’s the business of pro football – teams must deal with injuries. The good teams find a way to survive the bumps, bruises, contusions and now blisters and still win games. So far in this 2013 season, the Chiefs have found a way to do just that.

Here are some of the injuries that Reid addressed on Monday when he met the media horde:

Charles – the running back has what the head coach called “pretty extensive” blisters on the bottoms of his feet. “He should be OK,” Reid added. “His feet were just a mess. The kid is a tough kid.”

Colquitt – the punter has a sprained right knee that he suffered when Giants LB Damontre Moore was able to deflect a first-quarter punt. “He should be fine,” said Reid. “He got banged on a leg that he’s had issues with, surgeries on, but he pushed through that and got himself out there. Sometimes punters and kickers get a bad rap about toughness and that stuff, but this kid is a tough nut.”

Fisher – went out of the game near the end of the second quarter with a concussion that seems to have been inflicted by teammate TE Sean McGrath. “It didn’t look like it was too bad,” Reid said of his rookie right tackle. “He was feeling pretty good after the game. He was really hit more in the shoulder area than the head which I think is a positive. He didn’t take that direct blow, that big blow to the head which I think is a good thing for him.”

Flowers – still has swelling in his knee and Reid said they would just “see how that goes.”

9 Responses to “Arrowhead Monday Update – September 30”

  • September 30, 2013  - JB says:

    “pretty extensive” blisters on the bottoms of his feet. “He should be OK,” Reid added. “His feet were just a mess. The kid is a tough kid.”

    Okay so am I the only guy on the planet that is trying to wrap my head around the fact that a star running back can’t get the right shoes to play an NFL game? Really? So I’m guessin” we still have the Pioli era trainers in the locker room….

  • September 30, 2013  - KC_Guy says:

    Charles signed a new endorsement contract a week or two ago … may be his feet didn’t like the deal?

  • October 1, 2013  - Michael Winburn says:

    Those blisters could be a problem if not handled correctly…If they get infected it could be a serious issue.

  • October 1, 2013  - Old School says:

    Hey JB: I’m with you, I cannot get my head around J Charles having extensive blisters on his feet. I just can’t. How would he or the Chiefs not have other sets of cleats available? He had to have practiced ins cleats previously that did not cause blisters, so once he STARTED to develop some “hot spots” how or why did he not stop and change something (cleats, socks or even get his feet/ankles wrapped) that would have brought some relief. I am totally serious when I say that young Boy Scouts can effectively deal with blisters.

    Another option may be that it is a bad case of “athletes foot” run wild. Again, IF SO, how could J Charles and the training staff let it get that bad without getting treatment?

    The fact that this is even a topic with a top NFL player is incredible to me.

  • October 1, 2013  - jimmydee says:

    Yea, OldSchool, I’m having trouble wrapping my head around that, too. Really strange. We may never know why, we just need to know that it’s ‘fixed’. By the way I read Andy’s statements, I am making the assumption that Fasano, Kelce, and Allen were not ‘patients’ in the training room. Is that your take?

  • October 1, 2013  - Dale Iwataki says:

    Remember how John Wooden spent the first day of practice with his UCLA basketball teams teaching kids how to put on socks. He preached against getting blisters even before teaching them how to use the backboard for bank shots. Guys like Walton were mystified at first. Wonder if there is any relation between JC’s blisters and his socks?

  • October 1, 2013  - David says:

    I’m with you guys. Your blistering criticism is fully justified.

  • October 1, 2013  - ChuckXX says:

    Sounds to me like Charles’s shoes are not fitted correctly. No reason at this level to have shoes that do not fit perfectly. Think about it for a second. Your feet don’t just get blisters. Its the shoes that are rubbing and need to be thrown away. At this level in the big leagues its just unbelievable.

  • October 2, 2013  - Old School says:

    Hey Jimmydee: Yes, I agree that it sounds like Fasano, Kelce and Allen may not have been in the training room. However, that could just have been a simple omission. The only one that I am even half way confident of commenting about is Kelce’s injury. From what he has been quoted in interview’s, his is a small bone crack that has to fully heal up. I will freely admit that I am not a trainer, but since there is not any soft tissue or ligaments involved, there may be nothing they can actually do “treatment” on other than more time for the crack to mend.

    I am going to date my self here, but way back when, my teammates and I all played High School basketball wearing Converse Chuck Taylor’s and you HAD to wear two pairs of socks. Dale Iwataki, brought back a fact I had forgotten on how John Wooden taught his players how to put on their socks. It’s a great example of attention to detail, and thankfully shoes have greatly improved. Which brings us right back to the top, how in the world did J Charles allow himself to get blisters like that? I mean he is not a rookie or practice squad guy trying not bring negative attention to himself. All he had to say was “time out” my feet are hurting and he would have been fully taken care of with no questions asked.

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