Answer Bob Part No. 1 – Bye Week

I hope you enjoyed the bye week and have considered how remarkable the last month has been, given the fact the Chiefs are the only team in the league that hasn’t lost a game.

Thanks for posting. There were a lot of very good questions, and I will try to provide some equally good answers. It’s broken up into two parts. Second edition will come early Tuesday.


Ernie says: If Tyson Jackson returns against the Colts how do you think Crennel will handle his d-line rotation?

Bob says: I think if Jackson comes back against the Colts, he won’t be ready to play a full game, so I think they’ll work him in for some snaps, but not in the starting lineup. I don’t see Crennel or Todd Haley messing with a good thing if Shaun Smith continues to perform. If Smith’s play falls off, then Jackson may move back into the starting lineup. There is absolutely nothing gained for the 2010 Chiefs if Jackson is immediately thrust back into the starting lineup.


Nathan says: Hey Bob, thanks for another Ask Bob session. Do you think the Chiefs are getting more from Shaun Smith than they expected? Do you think they’ll look for a QB in next year’s draft? How about a big time WR? With the way the defense is playing so far this season, which position group will be first in line to receive draft help?

Bob says: I’m not sure we would ever get a real answer to the question what the Chiefs expected of Smith. Crennel knew him from Cleveland, so this wasn’t a shot in the dark. So far he’s provided good play in taking over the left defensive end spot for the injured Jackson. The question is whether he can keep it up. As for a QB in next year’s draft, I think right now they will. Just where they’ll be looking to draft a passer will depend on the way the season goes for Matt Cassel. If he struggles, then maybe they go early. If he plays well, then maybe in the last three rounds or so they will look for a developmental QB. I think WR has to be among the top slots in their need list for 2011. As for defense, it would be nose tackle and linebacker.


Steven says: Jeremy Horne has made it on the field in special teams play, but I don’t think he’s been in the offense during the regular season. Do you think he could get some time playing WR in the next few games?

Bob says: Horne has had a handful of snaps in the offense in the Cleveland and San Francisco games, and by handful, I mean just one hand. The way the Chiefs are approaching things offensively, I doubt there are going to be many opportunities for Horne right now. They can’t get the ball enough to Bowe, Chambers and McCluster, let alone Horne.


RW says: Bob, the game plan for the Colts will surely be to run the ball down their throats, the way Houston did in their win over the ponies. The idea is to minimize time on the field for Manning but I’m wondering if perhaps this current Chief’s D can stand toe to toe with Manning thus allowing the Chief’s offense to be multi-dimensional. What say you?

Bob says: That would make sense for the Chiefs offense, given their ability to run the ball and the Colts problems in stopping the run. They are 29th in the league, giving up an average of 149.5 yards per game. As for the Chiefs defense standing toe-to-toe with the Colts offense, I think that’s something the boys in red and gold aren’t quite ready for after three weeks. The last two times the Chiefs and Colts played, Gunther Cunningham’s defenses did a good job of annoying Manning with pressure in his face. No matter how good a quarterback might be, he doesn’t like to have somebody running right at him and obstructing his vision. To make this happen, a team has to be able to do it with their front four pass rushers. Blitz Manning and he’ll pick you apart. The defense is going to have to be very physical.


dan in joplin says: Bob, Thanks for the Ask Bob, love the interaction! Do you have any stats showing how Romeo led defenses have done against Peyton in the past? Where do you view the games from? Even if we lose against the Colts and Texans and play them well, what are your thoughts on winning the AFC West? We will still have a winning record and the rest of the schedule has a lot of winnable games, if we keep playing well!

Bob says: Romeo had great success against Manning and the Colts while he was with the Patriots. In fact, in 2001 and 2003-04, they faced off five times, including twice in the playoffs. New England was 5-0 in those games and Manning threw for over 300 yards just once. We’ll have more on this later in the week. I watch the game from the press box. Before this season, that used to be one of the best seats in the house. But the rehab of Arrowhead has moved the press box to the top of the stadium. It’s not so good now, but the price is right. I think the team that’s going to control the AFC West is San Diego. They still have the most talent in the division. As for the schedule having winnable games, it always looks like that before hand. But remember, the Rams are now 2-2 on the season. That game might be a lot tougher than expected.


cupp says: Bob, the Chiefs are half way to your predicted win total. Are you sticking with 6 wins? I know there are a lot of people with red and gold Kool-Aid mustaches waiting to tell everyone I told you so.

Bob says: Cupp, I’m going to stick with my 6-10 prediction, although 7-9 or 8-8 is probably more realistic given the quick start. The Kool-Aid drinkers should take a sip and then push away the red and gold pitcher. It’s a great start, but so much can happen between now and the end of the season.


KC_Guy says: Bob, a guy who has been placed on IR by one team and then released with an injury settlement – would he be allowed to play for another team if he recovers quicker than his old team thought and signs there?

Bob says: Yes. I’m not sure of all the procedural matters, but if they release him off the injured-reserve list, he can’t play for that team, but could play for the other 31 teams.


gorilla fan says: Bob, we are without a doubt a better team this year! But, I got to thinking of the Broncos last year with their great start and of 6-0 then the wheels fall off the wagon and they lost almost every game after that. I heard some analysis say it was because of the new coaching and scheme, and by week six everyone figured them out and was able to shut them down. Do you think this is the case with the Chiefs and the new coordinators that we brought in? Are we winning games until other coaches come up with game plans that beat Weis and Crennel and we come back to reality? Just a thought, wanted you opinion. I don’t think we will be 6-0 and I don’t think we will suck it up in the last half of the season either. Regardless, we are finally seeing this team come around, and we do have hope now!

Bob says: Gorilla fan, you provide a good dose of reality mentioning the Broncos and the 6-0 start from last season. There are some major differences in the two situations, starting with the head coaches. Denver’s Josh McDaniels and Todd Haley both had tough rookie seasons. It appears Haley has grown from that experience. It’s hard to see where McDaniels has matured and he doesn’t have the coaching staff that the Chiefs have. As for other teams picking up on what Weis and Crennel are doing that’s going to be tough, because both the offense and defense change quite a bit from week to week. Obviously teams know that Jamaal Charles is the big threat and Tamba Hali rushes the passer. But these veteran coaches are going to be very good at the counter-move.


Randy says: Glenn Dorsey appears to be playing at a very high level so far this season. What is your evaluation of Dorsey’s performance and is it coaching or has he just finally acclimated himself to the NFL?

Bob says: I think Dorsey has made steady progress during his time with the Chiefs. His rookie season wasn’t nearly as bad as many made it out to be. Last year, he was moved into a spot that really was different than anything he had played in his football career. Yet, he still improved. This year, he’s started the season playing well, especially against the run. That’s what they want from him, to shut down that right side of the defense to the running game. I think he’s in better shape; the leg/shin injury he dealt with for several years seems to be history. I’m not sure Dorsey will ever be a Pro Bowler, but he’ll be a solid performer for many seasons.


David says: I was wondering if you know who Kent Babb is talking about when he tweets about the “mouth breather”? He talks about him being at the Chiefs facility so I just was curious.

Bob says: Couldn’t tell you. I don’t pay much attention to his tweets.


Jimbo says: Hey Bob, with all the Kool-Aid flowing through KC via the Mo. River & the Chiefs unpredictable yet fruitful play thus far can we get your take on the impact of our 2010 rookie class? They seem like the real deal & can only get better in the coming games & seasons. I’m impressed… It’s like Pioli has hit a trifecta and the NFL is taking notice.

Bob says: Jimbo, I think this looks like a very good draft class, but I don’t think we can clear out space in Canton for these guys just yet. But there’s no question they are a talented group and have made a difference. Now, the question is can they improve? Can they continue to develop and raise the level of their play next season, and the season after that and the … League history is filled with one-year wonders. Obviously, Berry-McCluster-Arenas-Moeaki-Lewis have made immediate impacts on offense, defense and special teams. The best of the group could be G Jon Asamoah, who hasn’t been able to crack major playing time; but he will and once he gets in there, it’s going to be hard to get him out. But don’t forget this – the Chiefs 3-0 start is built largely on draft picks from the Peterson-Edwards-Kuharich Era, especially the ’08 draft class that gave the team Dorsey-Albert-Flowers-Charles-Carr-Richardson.


Grant says: there are rumors that no matter what happens to the 2010 Chiefs, the coach will be replaced with Bill Parcells. Have you heard this and what do you think?

Bob says: Me thinks you are listening to raving lunatics. Just consider two things: 1.) why would anybody think Parcells wants to get back into coaching; if he wanted to do that, he would have become coach of the Dolphins. 2.) Do you realize how much money it would take to get that done, in payments to Parcells? The situation with Parcells in Miami is very fluid, but the only way he comes to Kansas City would be to visit his daughter and grand-daughter, not to coach the team.

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  • October 5, 2010  - dan in joplin says:

    Thanks Bob, lookin forward to the article later in the week. I really think Crennel’s game plan (assuming we execute) is going to be the key to winning that game. Everybody knows we are going to run on them & Weis will have the correct run calls (assuming we execute)! :)

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