answer Bob ON ROSTER EVALUATION – 8/12

Poster chiefmike wrote on Thursday:

“is this the most comments ever on a Bob post or what?”

To answer the question, no chiefmike it’s not the most comments ever. But the reaction to ROSTER EVALUTION TIME certainly ranks as the most comments on a single post in the 2011 Chiefs season.

Quite obviously I struck a nerve with some of you, and some readers seem to have misunderstood my premise, or maybe I didn’t explain it correctly. Here’s what I wrote in setting up the evaluations:

But a stroll through the roster on a position-by position basis and there does not appear to be an overall increase in talent at the majority of positions. We speak here of additional talent, not the growth of players already on the roster.

In this case, we are judging the new talent that could pay dividends in the 2011 season. There were roster moves and additions done with the idea of the bigger picture of the franchise, that may pay off two or three years down the road, but not pay off for this season.

I don’t know how to make it any plainer than that – I’m talking about new faces and the effect on the 2011 Chiefs. The question asked – Are the Chiefs better at (position) than they were last year? – was based on the level of talent for ’11. Certainly, if draft choices Allen Bailey and Jerrell Powe are good enough, then the defensive line talent level was improved, but it would be foolish to think that improvement will show itself this season.

This post was the product of more and more comments that I’ve been hearing about the pieces of the puzzle that the Chiefs need to win a championship. This team needs help at every single position; they aren’t close to being able to plug in one or two players and that would push them over the top. Missing the off-season program was really detrimental to this year’s draft class and them being ready to make big contributions this season.

Jerod wrote: “I don’t think you’re judging the positions correctly. Just because we didn’t go sign guys to those positions doesn’t mean we won’t be better than we were last year. Wouldn’t you rather have a 2nd year experienced Moeaki than a rookie?”

I would hope Jerod that tight end would be better with more experience for Moeaki, but they needed more help there than just a second-year for him. They needed better players, and they didn’t find them.

ED wrote: “I disagree Bob with your assessment that this team isn’t more talented than last yr. We didn’t need to overhaul every position on the team to improve. Only the positions that were weakness for us in previous year’s. Like wide receiver, fullback, inside linebacker and outside linebacker. I mean I felt like as you’ve already stated we’ve done that. We didn’t need upgrade corner because we have good corners and safeties for that matter. Running back no need there we have one best backs in the league. QB only one guy can play on the field Cassel seems to be more sharp this offseason than in the past all season.”

Only one thing doesn’t work with your view Ed and that’s the assumption that cornerback, running back and quarterback are going to pick up right where they left off last year. Every NFL season is a different animal. To expect the two starting CBs, Charles-Jones and Cassel to miss just two of 64 possible starts because of injury like they did last year is not being realistic.

There’s no way for Pioli/Haley to fill all the holes each year, because there are too many. At CB they drafted Jalil Brown and re-signed Travis Daniels – both were good moves. But why not lo spend money on a veteran cornerback who could raise the talent and competition level at the position. It looks now like it would be a shock if anybody but Javier Arenas, Brown and Daniels back up the Brandons. There needs to be more competition than that.

I enjoyed all the comments, even those that consider me daft. It’s great to have an audience that shows its intelligence and willingness to flesh out subjects and to do that in a thoughtful manner.

9 Responses to “answer Bob ON ROSTER EVALUATION – 8/12”

  • August 12, 2011  - jumpinginhere says:

    why not spend money at CB? because they will spend the money on deals for flowers and carr! And Arenas is already our 3rd corner. Jalil is the 4th. How many corners do we need? If anything safety depth was a bigger concern with mcgraw as the 3.

    I dont think its possible to argue that the team hasnt improved at this point. Lets see. Lost: ron Edwards, S.Smith. Gained: Breaston,Gregg,Mcclain,Gaither,Siler,Sabby,Zorn.
    Also Gained: Baldwin,Hudson,Houston,Bailey,Brown,Miller,Powe,Bannon
    Gained:Sheffield back from IR, Urban back from IR. Jackson now healthy at DE

    How the heck is it even in question?

  • August 12, 2011  - Blake says:

    Hey bob, some people have said that Jonathan Baldwin has been struggling when he is pressed at the line? What do you think? have you seen this happen? Are the coaches working on fixing this? How quickly do you think Baldwin will learn to beat press coverage? Thanks!

  • August 12, 2011  - chewbone says:

    blake most wr’s that can’t beat press coverage never get any better. There are obviously exceptions, but if what you are hearing is true then we may be in trouble. Lets hope its because he has been hurt?!

  • August 12, 2011  - bhive01 says:

    I took that piece as being opinion (aren’t most evaluations?). There is no right or wrong. Bob gave us his take. I also think that we have improved overall, but improving at individual positions doesn’t mean jack unless you can put it all together. This year’s schedule means that we need to get our stuff together.

  • August 12, 2011  - el cid says:

    Everyone has good and bad comments and that is the fun of a knowledgeable site. We can all have opinions and not the attacks that happen on some. This will be a season full of promise because of the efforts of players, coaches, and even Pioli. I would suggest this is another rebuilding year and seems to me as no one is expecting a superbowl run, at least not yet.

    My view is if the Chiefs, actually, build on last year and the influx of new players, vet and rookie, we will be stronger by the end of the year, baring injuries.

    Only one comment, Arenas is no 3rd CB. He is at best a special team potential star and dime package back. I doubt his career will be much else. Not a bad thing but whenever, I read someone thinking he is any kind of an answer at CB, I wonder.

  • August 12, 2011  - Mikal says:


    I just can’t disagree with you more regarding your analysis of the TE position and your thought process about it. Second year players often make big jumps, Tony Gonzalez sure did. If Moeaki makes a 50% improvement in his catches/yards/TD’s etc., that will be huge for the offense. With him as a #1 and Pope providing a very nice blocking TE skill set along with the occasional catch and O’Donnell being excellent on special teams, especially as a blocker (have you looked at the film on his special teams blocking last year, he was killing people!), we have a really nice TE group and one that doesn’t need resources as much as other groups. To discount the growth of players and depend on FA signings for improvement is to totally forget last season!!


  • August 12, 2011  - Michael says:

    Arenas was drafted to be a kick returner and nickel corner, which in today’s pass-happy NFL is almost as important as your starting corners. Arenas played that position very well last year and, barring injury, should become one of the best around as he develops.

  • August 12, 2011  - Michael says:

    It’s true, Mikal, some people think a team can only improve through free agent signings and trades. I don’t think that’s what Bob meant, though. It’s just that you can count on rookies and 2nd, 3rd, 4th year players to improve before they actually show that they can.

    But,like most teams, that’s the way the Chiefs are built; so at this point, if we can clearly see a 30-40% improvement in the team just from outside additions before training camp is even over or any preseason games have been played, I’m thinking that’s pretty good.

  • August 12, 2011  - ED says:

    Bob I’m have to disagree with you again. These guys you mention aren’t 1yr wonders. Cassel has shown with talent he can win now twice in his career. Flowers and Carr both have gotten better each yr and Charles has shown when given the carries he’s one of the top backs in the league. You act as if these guys had one good season. Do we need depth at running back sure but it isn’t worth spending bunch money in free agency. Neither is adding another corner when you got two good corners. And you Arenas is playing like a starting corner from what i’ve read in camp. We’re not the Detroit Lions of the past where you draft receivers every yr because you think you need more receiver. Talent has to be distributed among position of weakness in order to build championship team. Bottom line is you don’t see good teams replacing young consistently good players in the prime of their career for high priced free agents. I mean not when you have other wholes on your team.

    It just doesn’t make sense. Take the Bills for instance drafting the running back CJ Spiller when they already had Fred Jackson and Marshawn Lynch when they had so many other wholes to fill on the o-line, linebacker, and defensive line. Once you have good solid consistent players at key positions you move one to filling positions of need that’s how you build a contender not restocking the same positions with high priced free agents. But hey Pioli is doing it the way I describe and who can aruge with division championship.

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