ANSWER BOB – Halloween Eve

From Roscoe: I think the Chiefs are on their way to the playoffs. I know you were a doubter at the start of the season. Are you a believer yet?

From Bob: Believer? No. Impressed? Yes. The fact they’ve started the season in the manner they have is impressive. But I’m not ready to start drinking the Kool-Aid. Check with me on the evening of November 14. If the Chiefs are 7-2 at that time, then I will become a believer. If they can beat Buffalo on Sunday, and then win back-to-back games on the road against Oakland and Denver, it will be time to dial down the doubts. Even now, we can’t run away from the fact that if they win their remaining home games they’ll finish at the worst 9-7. That should be enough to win the pitiful AFC West this year.


From Joey B: I’m concerned about Dexter McCluster and whether we can count on him. He’s so little and now he’s already injured and he really hasn’t been on the field that much. Is this something that we are always going to have to deal with?

From Bob: Yes, it is. The man is 5-8 and 180 pounds after he’s had dinner and dessert. That’s why the coaching staff has been limiting his touches, trying to find the right level of activity to keep him healthy. Last week against Jacksonville, McCluster got nine touches, the most he’s gotten in a game this year. Apparently, that may be too many. It’s always going to be a tight rope with McCluster. He doesn’t have the body type of a Darren Sproles or Ray Rice, so the idea of getting the ball in his hands even a dozen times a game is a pipe dream.


TDKC says: Haley was a little shaky last year. He seemed out of control at times. But this year he is reaping the benefits of TEAM play with the help of some great coaches and assistants. This is evident with the obvious improvement along the O line. What is your opinion of Haley? Is he a good coach? Can he be great?

Bob says: Great? We shall see. But I think Haley has a chance to be a very good NFL head coach. Even last year when things were not going well he showed me two things that all good head coaches must have. First, he has a plan, believes in the plan and does not give up on his plan when things go wrong. You would be shocked how many times that happens with head coaches at all levels. They start with a plan and then when the going gets tough, the plan gets going … out the window.

Second, his plan is built on solid football fundamentals and ideas. There’s no new ground being broken here. It’s a well traveled road that has led to many successful teams and coaches – run the ball, stop the run, don’t give the ball away, take the ball away, win on special teams. What he has to continue to show is that as the stakes go up, so does his handling of the team and the game-day decisions.


Fan Since 93 says: Thanks for posting the offensive line story. I was going to ask the question, which individual (Wiegman, Lilja, or Bill Muir) has had the biggest impact to our improved offensive line play? Also, was it Richardson that when drafted out of Clemson was said to have all of the physical tools, but lacked the maturity? Perhaps he just needed the time and opportunity (more than just a pre season game here and there) to develop. Thoughts?

Bob says: I really can’t give the impact star to any one person, because the offensive line is so much about team work and five guys working together with the rest of the offense. The improvement of Braden Albert has been huge; that takes the pressure off other spots to help him out all the time. Brian Waters is in the best condition of his life and that’s elevated his play. Wiegmann is one of those amazing NFL players that defies explanation. At his size and age, he should not be able to handle the monsters inside, but he does. Lilja has been solid and gives the Chiefs the mobility at guard that they wanted. Richardson has been the surprise with how much he’s grown in the last two months.

Coming out of Clemson, Richardson’s maturity really needed to come physically, more than mentally or emotionally. He’s tall and carries a lot of weight but does not look fat in any fashion. Through the strength and conditioning program he’s re-arranged his weight and that’s led to him getting stronger and quicker. What he needed was opportunity. Ryan O’Callaghan’s injury gave it to him.


el cid says: Raiders/Chargers are blacked out (and the NFL wants a team in LA?). Wow, the most televised professional sport in the world and two game not on TV. How do you stay in the lead on TV and not have all your games on TV? Sometime seems the really rich owners outthink themselves. Hope this attitude does not run over into the next CBA.

Bob says: As always el cid, you are on point with your comments. The NFL has three games blacked out this weekend, with the Raiders-Titans, Raiders-Seahawks and Lions-Redskins. They almost had two more in Cincinnati and St. Louis, but they were able to slip past the deadline. The economic conditions in this country are not good, and fewer and fewer fans are willing to spend top dollar for a seat, top dollar to park the car and top dollar for food and drink. They aren’t willing and/or do not have the money. They also aren’t going to pay to see bad football. Nothing stays the same these days and why should the NFL be any different? Both the owners and players had better take this into account in these negotiations. Give the sports fan somewhere else to go and spend his money, and he will.

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    hey Bob is should be ( charger-Titans}

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