Answer Bob – 9/6

Here’s a second batch of answers to questions. Thanks for your interest.

Matthew says: Who is Brandon Bair? How did he make this team? I don’t understand how this guy came out of nowhere and got one of the 53 spots.

Bob says: Bair is a great story, a 26-year old rookie, who is married, the father of one child and another on the way. He spent two years on a church mission right out of high school and he says that changed his life and made him the man he is today. He owns his own used car business. He’s also has the potential to turn into a poor man’s Jared Allen. At Oregon, he finished his career there with only six sacks, far below the number that Allen had during his college career. At 6-6 and change, just a shade over 250 pounds, Bair is not a prototypical 3-4 defensive end and it’s unlikely he’ll stay in that position down the road. He’s an outside LB who can rush the passer. He may yo-yo on and off the 53-man roster and practice squad. I’ve got to imagine the Chiefs feel somebody would have been interested in Bair if he landed on the waiver wire, probably whatever team they beat out to sign him as a free agent.


KC_Guy says: Any news on Baldwin? When do you think he’s ready to play (NOT: when do you think he’s healthy!)? Why not put him on Reserve/PUP for the first six weeks if it takes a while (what I think it will)?

Niblick says: I don’t think he’s eligible for PUP because his injury took place in training camp, not before. He passed his physical, so he is not eligible. I could be wrong, but Bob can verify it.

Bob says: Baldwin cannot go on the PUP List, for all the reasons stated above. He was physically able to perform when he was injured.


Milkman says: Why did they let Cody Slate walk? They already had 2 blocking tight ends. This is another aggravating situation where we are left feeling “out of the loop”. Please, just tell us a LITTLE of what you’re thinking so we can feel a little better about the people who are running our team. Instead, getting any information is like trying to pry national security secrets out of them. This may be the Patriot way, but until the secrecy is replaced by playoff wins this is very frustrating.

Bob says: Amen, Milkman, amen. There’s information they can provide without giving up the launch codes to other teams. Why they have not tried to add a “catching” tight end I don’t understand. Slate was a poorman’s Moeaki. He may have been able to grow into something even more. Pope and O’Connell block. Anthony Becht had a chance, but they sent him out the door on Monday. This waiver claim OT Steve Mareni from the Patriots has a background at tight end. But he’s a blocker, not a catcher.


pharmer says: Are you sure that Lilja is hurt? Before the game on Thursday, Mitch congratulated the Liljas on a brand new baby.

Bob says: that’s wonderful news for Jessica and Ryan Lilja, but having a baby in the family does not normally lead to missing a pair of games. It also doesn’t lead to missing practice for a week. He was at the workouts, in the rehab area. This would be different if there was a problem of some type that kept him away from the team.

2 Responses to “Answer Bob – 9/6”

  • September 6, 2011  - RW says:

    Shefter says Jags just cut QB Garrard. $$$ or not, I’d be all over this and get the guy in for a chat if I’m Pioli but, alas, I’m not the GM.

  • September 7, 2011  - Chuck says:

    Still wish we would have went out and signed IGOR OLSHANSKY.

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