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Sorry it’s been awhile since I’ve had time to dig into the mailbag and the posts. Thanks for your patience.

Also let me address right off the top the premium service we started last week that will cover the NFL Draft. As always, there are folks unhappy with the idea of paying for information. For those where finances are tight, I understand and appreciate your position. I’m right there with you.

That’s one reason why the whole site has not gone back to premium. It will pertain just to the stories related to the 2011 NFL Draft. Plus, I’ll have some chats and feedback items coming up that will allow everyone to ask questions about the Draft.

Last year our move to premium coverage was made necessary by a simple reason – without funds, your humble Internet hack would have to go out and find a real job. Given that I’ve never had a real job, I really didn’t want to start now. Your support got the site through the season.

We now move forward. An investment was made in covering the Senior Bowl and NFL Combine and the draft coverage will be the fruit of those endeavors.

And for those taking advantage of the discount to get the 2011 regular season coverage locked down, thank you. Our hope is to bring you even more coverage than last year. But we’ll address more on that later.

As to a pair of specific comments. Subscriptions last season were advertised as ending one day after the end of the Chiefs season, whenever that might have been. That ended up being January 11th. The discounted 2011 season coverage available now for this fall will run until the day after the Chiefs season ends, sometime in January or February 2012. As to why $20 for seven weeks as compared to $25 for five months or more, it comes down to the quantity of our draft coverage. I’m not saying we’ll cram five months of coverage into seven weeks, but it will be close.

Now, on to your general questions and comments.


Responses to “CSI-Pioli, A Forensic Look”

Chuck P says: Bob; Great read!!!! All I can say is Tyson Jackson=Pioli First Round Pick= over $10 Million a year deal!!!!= Biggest Bust ever by the Pioli Regime. ENOUGH SAID. Pioli needs to study harder.

Jason says: I tend to chalk the failed first draft to his late arrival and not having his people as scouts.

RW says: One thing is clear in terms of drafting well. The top teams in any sport rarely make poor personnel decisions. That mailed-in 2009 draft from Pioli will need a few years of excellent decisions to make good on that one, obviously.

Uncuffed says: Come on Bob, you know as well as anyone that it takes ~3 years to really judge a draft. Plus, you’re comparing a 2009 draft where we had *TWO* picks in the first 3 rounds, to a 2010 draft where we had *FIVE* picks in the first 3 rounds. Not to mention that 2009 was regarded as a weak class in general. Don’t forget that we got Cassel and Vrabel from the 2009 draft, and we have to subtract Tony Gonzalez to fully account for the 2010 draft.

Bob says: Good points all around. I’ll go from the bottom up. Yes, it takes at least three years to judge a draft class. But that’s a class that remains intact and has a chance to play and show whether they have it or not. With the ’09 class, already the 3rd, 5th and a 7th are gone. In the third round, drafting a guy like Alex Magee and then dumping him after 24 games can’t happen for a rebuilding team. The 6th and a 7th have produced little or nothing. The 1st and 4th have been slow to develop. Tyson Jackson and Donald Washington could still pull this class out of the bottom of the draft barrel, but they haven’t shown any type of production or consistency to believe that’s possible.

Let me add this: I’m not one of those people that think the ’10 Draft class is golden. That’s a call being made way too early by some because of the bad ’09 class. We have not seen whether Dexter McCluster and/or Javier Arenas can be 16-game contributors; there durability is in question. It will be another year or two before the class shows itself.

As for who was responsible for the disappointing and underperforming ’09 Draft class, that falls to one person and one person only – Scott Pioli. I’ve written this before, but I’ll repeat myself. Had Pioli come into the building and listened to the personnel people who were already on site, he would have never drafted Jackson, Magee, Washington, Colin Brown or Quinten Lawrence. That group had only Jackson as worthy of a draft choice, and not as a first round choice.

But Pioli paid no attention to the previous scouts. He basically sat on them for four months, ignored their information and relied on the material he brought with him from New England. When the draft was over, he bounced all but two of them. The others he never gave them a chance.

That Pioli had his group of scouts for the ’10 Draft made a difference, no doubt. But the big mistake he made was deciding before he ever got into the building that the scouts that were in house were bad and needed to go. Had he not pre-judged, the Chiefs rebuilding project could be that much farther down the road.


Nate says: Bob, why do you continue to obsess and whine about the closed doors and closed mouths regarding the draft by Scott Pioli? Get over it! We are going into his 3rd draft and it hasn’t changed and there is no reason it should.

Bob says: Nate, whine maybe, but obsess, not really. Here’s the deal, a writer from Boston is writing a book about the personnel decision making process in New England, Atlanta and the Chiefs. Reportedly, he’s been granted access to all aspects of the personnel operations of the three teams. That’s a great deal for him, and I wouldn’t expect the same thing to come to media that Pioli doesn’t trust or hasn’t built a relationship with. All I’m saying is give the other guy a filet, that’s fine. Just throw the locals a bone every once in awhile and talk about the process, and do it on the record. All it does is inform the fans and ultimately, those are the folks paying the bills.


vincent says: Bob, You mention how the Pioli drafts have concentrated on fbs schools. Is their emphasis that different that the norm? I would think 85-90% of players drafted in the last 10 years have been from FBS schools.

Bob says: That’s true, but the New England-Pioli method with only one player selected below Division I ranks on the extreme end of the spectrum compared to most teams. In the story I provided the statistics for Green Bay and Pittsburgh, and the numbers were not dissimilar. There are just some teams that are willing to put their ability to define and project a player to the next level. Other teams cut the odds and stick with the big school guys. If I was driving that bus, I would probably stick to the big school guys as well. The Draft is enough of a gamble.

10 Responses to “Answer Bob – 3/19”

  • March 19, 2011  - Milkman says:

    Bob- Thanks for the info about the ’09 draft. I’ve been under the assumption this whole time that the reason for that week draft class was Pioli taking so long to accept Clark Hunt’s proposal and him coming in so late that he didn’t have time to place his own people. It seems that his second was a lot better, although we won’t know for sure for a few years. With the harder schedule this next year and assuming Pioli gets this years draft class right, do you think there is any reasonable chance the Chiefs can win their division again? I think he will need to hit on just about every choice and add a couple more pieces if and when free agency starts. Your toughts?

  • March 19, 2011  - Nate says:

    BOB again you are not being objective about the last draft. There are no durability issues with Javier Arenas. He was the starting nickel back for 16 games and his play was excellent for a rookie. He also returned kicks without any injuries. We got an probowl safety at#1 and a marvelous young tight in in Tony Moeiki at #3 and a great pick for a #5 Kendrick Lewis another starting safety. Even if Dexter turns out to be injury prone, and our other #3 doesn’t devolep into a good starting OG which I would bet $$$$ he will, this is still a good draft.

  • March 19, 2011  - mGONZO2u says:


    T. JAX, R. SUCCUP, M. CASSEL and the leadership of M. VRABEL that was used to pull DJ into a successful role with KC.

    The 2009 draft was no more or less successful than most other NFL teams.

    With three possible long time starters culled from that draft, its still too early to pull out an sour grape “I told you so” gripes.


    DONALD WASHINGTON is just gravy if he can progress on ST’s and hold down some downs for a few more years.

  • March 19, 2011  - John says:

    Ok, look. The scouts that were here for the 2009 draft was more than likely looking for prospects that fit the previous regimes coaching ideas and schemes. Which has been pointed out by you, Bob, were different ideas and schemes than the direction pioli and haley were going to be headed. So to say that that group of scouts were prepared with the best info for Pioli can not be accepted as a full grain of salt. Maybe some of their people would have worked. But you cant say that for sure and to do so is pure speculation and not objective journalism.

    You are merely giving your opinion and assumptions of the way things went down without actually having been there. You may have talked to some of those that got fired, but their side of the story is just that. Only half of the story.

    As far as jackson goes, had we had a better d cord than pendegrast he might be further along than what he is to date. Again, speculation on my part. But at least I am willing to state that and not say it with some style of truth or authenticity.

  • March 20, 2011  - Chris says:

    Blaming Tyson Jackson’s short comings on Clancy Pendergrast’s coaching is a Tsunami of Kool Aid drinking. Clancy is a db coach at heart, the coaching of Jackson fell to the worst d-line coach in the history of the NFL, Tim Krumrie, who by miracle was retained by Haley-Pioli. Throw in spending the #67 pick (practically a 2nd rounder) on a player destined at best to be a back up (Alex Magee) and you have to be pretty punch drunk not to see this draft (and philosophy) rivaled that of the Vermeil-Peterson era, at least those produced a few good lb’s and Jared Allen.

    Question (and doubt) I have for Pioli is taking into account the “learning curve” for d-lineman why has Pioli ignored taking a 3-4 NT (whom are far harder to find than a 3-4 DE)? We have relied on one of 22 guys of the street (Shaun Smith) which his rotation with Ron Edwards wasn’t a bad idea until Tyson Jackson came through to disappoint again.

    2nd doubt/conern for Pioli is were a 3-4 defense, yet he has waited until the 5th rd of last yers draft to take a 4-3 DE to convert to OLB and relied on 22 guys of the street (Jovan Belcher)for ILB? Belcher is a decent backup-rotation player but not a starter. Why spend high picks on backups and role players (Arenas, McCluster, Magee) and ignore the hardest positions to fill? Hell of a way to try and win a Lombardi.

  • March 20, 2011  - Nate says:

    Bob thank you for your response to my question. I used the word obsess because you continue over time to complain about the closed doors at the ‘chiefs when we all know that isn’t going to change. Now you complain about the writer who has access to the patriots, chiefs and falcons. You say Pioli isn’t going to talk to anyone in the media who hasn’t gained his trust. Who can blame him for that? With the media sharks ready to carve up anyone they can for their own personal advancement, again who can blame him? Carl Peterson trusted you and you were widely lambasted by the kc media for your writings and now you are criticizing this guy for the same thing. People who have lived in a glass house should not throw stones.

  • March 21, 2011  - leonard says:

    Nate: I have to take issue with your comment. The point being made by Bob, as I see it, is that at some point Pioli is going to have to communicate with the local media. Why a guy from across the country gets access and not local media is concerning. I have to assume that the way Carl was treated by the hacks, has alot t do wit this strategy. Let’s not forget the multitudes of whiners and Carl haters that plastered the media with their hateful comments.

  • March 21, 2011  - RW says:

    If the Chiefs continue to post winning records and make the playoffs, Pioli can and will continue his secretive/inner circle only profile. It’s really all about results regardless of the personality of the top man.

    That said, I feel far less connected to my Chiefs under the Pioli watch than any other time I can recall. Clark Hunt’s influence makes for a different dynamic than before as well.

    So it comes down to the W’s and on that score, I can criticize Pioli for some of his moves and drafts thus far, and WILL, but that 10-6 season just past hasn’t been lost on me either.

  • March 21, 2011  - el cid says:

    RW, I like it… winning records and make the playoffs and everyone can shut up. Now if the Chiefs can build on ’10 or not. Not having a CBA or free agent period notwithstanding.

  • March 21, 2011  - Nate says:

    RW Well said! The only thing that counts is winning, something that has been sorely lacking in KC for years. The Patriots fans are not complaining about the secretive, closed door approach.

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