First of all, apologies for falling behind on the e-mail in the last few days but things have been very busy. I appreciate your comments and questions and hope to get back on track getting them answered. There’s plenty here and I’ll finish up with more on Friday. Enjoy!


TDKC says: I so want to believe … still holding back a little. To be a contender you must win home games against division foes. Bob, do you think Haley’s snub and comments at the end of the game in Denver were regarding the rumors of illegal taping of the opposition by Denver? The 49ers said they did not show anything in their walkthrough because they had heard rumors. If so, that same info must have traveled around the rest of the league.

Bob says: TDKC, I don’t think Haley’s actions in Denver had anything to do with the illegal taping of the 49ers practice. It may have something to do with actions we don’t know anything about at this time. But I think it really had to do with how the Broncos conducted themselves in the fourth quarter of that game. At this point now, with McDaniels out the door, it’s all kind of water over and under the bridge.


Don says: I must say kudo’s to Bob in a previous article where he was talking about “the snub” where he said he’s listened to Todd as much as anyone and felt there were other reasons for it not just the loss that day. He had said if it was due to the whippin’ we took and he was angry he didn’t show any signs of that leading up to “the snub”. I felt the same as Bob and think ‘ol Gretz knows a thing or two about reading our coach.

Bob says: Don, there’s one thing I’ve learned with Todd Haley in almost two years and that’s he doesn’t do much of anything without a purpose. Sometimes it takes a lot of scratching to get to the nub of the idea, but there’s always a plan. I’m not saying the plan always makes sense; sometimes it doesn’t. I like the fact he’s approaching fourth down differently than most coaches. I don’t like the fact he apparently is so wrapped up in this plan that he can’t see the forest for the fourth down in front of him. There’s a lot going on behind that unshaven face of his.


Tracy says: Michael Oher is twittering during a game? Why is he allowed anywhere near a cell phone during a game? But more important, what would Sandra Bullock say? As to Josh McDaniels, it may well be that Scott Pioli felt McDaniels needed more experience before assuming HC responsibilities and thus felt some relief when Denver hired him; or maybe Pat Bowlen looked at KC’s interest in Pioli and was for some reason convinced that Pioli would hire McDaniels if given the chance so he jumped the gun and hired McDaniels before Pioli got the KC job. We’ll never know but the speculation is fun, particularly since the Broncos are having such a bad year.

Bob says: I’m glad I pulled that one out of the notebook where it sat for the last two years. If I had waited another week, it would have been dead. No matter what the situation was, I think Pioli got the better end of the head coaching deal by waiting for Haley. I think McDaniels is actually a good coach. I think his problem was on the personnel side, and that’s true for a lot of coaches. Remember the great line from Bill Parcells when he was at New England and was upset because they were asking him to cook dinner, but wouldn’t let him shop for the groceries. Most head coaches aren’t built to go to the football grocery store. Good teams have coaching and personnel working in concert, not working alone.


KC_Guy says: Bob, you’re generous with your coaching grade. Those two flaws alone could have been good enough to bust the game (again). Special Teams: Both the return and coverage unit took a step back all over the season. They started hot but since … pfftt … I hold my breath every time they kick/punt it away. Guess Hoffmann noticed as well, why else would he go for those crazy mortar kicks that often?

Bob says: No question that the kicking game has been a mixed bag this season and not provided the kind of help that Haley expected. The mortar kicks can serve a purpose, but I think Haley/Hoffman rely on them too much. Good returners have scared them since last December when Josh Cribbs took back a pair of kickoffs for touchdowns at Arrowhead. One thing that doesn’t help the special teams is some of the injuries. When a starter gets hurt, guys like Jon McGraw, Kendrick Lewis, Brandon Flowers, it has a domino effect through the roster and who is available for special teams. Dexter McCluster’s injury hasn’t helped either. No matter the reason, the Chiefs need the kicking game to step forward in these last four games.


Jan in Kabul says: Something that has me most frustrated with Haley. It isn’t that we decided to attempt to go for the touchdown on the 2-yard line when field goal was nearly certain … it’s that when you have one RB who makes 6.2 yards per carry and a second RB who averages 4 yards a carry … why does Haley nearly always decides to pass?

Bob says: Amen Jan in Kabul. Go for the TD, but do it with a strength and don’t put the team in a bad position because of an either or play call.


Terry says: Has anyone else noticed that Eric Berry never seems to tackle with his arms out and wrap up the ball carrier? I notice that he always just tries to deliver a blow with his shoulder. That is going to cost us!

Bob says: Terry, the coaches are working with him on that, because you are correct, somebody is going to bounce off him and it’s going to cost the defense. Berry need only watch Brandon Flowers, who is always wrapping up when he tackles. I’d say he’s at least 90 percent on that, compared to most teammates and NFL players who are about 50 percent these days. Remember, these guys are a Sports Center Generation – they live to apply the big hit that everyone will see for days on the ESPN highlights.


dan in joplin says: Mike Cox is impressing me! He is really turning into one of those old school fullbacks which fits us perfectly! Have we seen the last of Castille? Bob’s commented on the first down Jamaal Charles got just before the two-minute warning and it made me think of him, he was leading the way!

Bob says: Dan, the reason you are seeing more from Cox is because the coaches are impressed as well. I’ve seen more and more plays where the Chiefs are willing to run Charles between the tackles and it’s working because Cox is hitting the hole quickly and taking one more body out of the way for Charles. It all comes down to Charles and his quickness. Thomas Jones doesn’t have that and putting Cox in front of him most of the time on a run is just going to slow things down. Mike’s a good guy and he has lasted longer than anybody thought he would since he was a Chan Gailey guy. But he’s definitely old school


el cid says: Denver HC Josh McDaniels fired. NFL Channel reported it and one guy, Michael Lombardi, said he was at the game in KC and how Denver did not quit during the game. My question is: Who is Lombardi and what is his claim to fame?

Bob says: el cid, Mike Lombardi worked in personnel for several NFL teams over the years, including the Cleveland Browns under Bill Belichick and he was the top personnel man for a few years in Oakland with the Raiders. He’s also done work with the 49ers, Broncos and Eagles. Opinion on Lombardi is pretty much split with people in the league that I’ve talked to over the years. Some have no use for him and consider some of his past actions as back-stabbing. Others think he’s a good judge of talent and can put a team together.


KC_Guy says: Wow — that was quick. Didn’t Pat Bowlen publicly support McDaniels the week before?

Craig says: I think he fired Shanahan for missing the playoffs?

Bob says: The always dreaded vote of confidence – when it comes for a coach or manager, no matter the sport, it’s an invitation to pack the bags and get the boxes because time is short. Right now, I think the Broncos problem is at the very top of the organization. There are a lot of rumors around about the mental state of owner Pat Bowlen. Whether true or not, the guy who is running his franchise is Joe Ellis, who has a business background. That’s all well and good, but those types of executives tend to overreact to media and fan criticism. I think that’s what happened here with McDaniels. There are others who believe that McDaniels forced the issue, asking face-to-face for a commitment and when that was not forthcoming, there was a mutual decision to part ways. Either way, the Broncos need a lot of help on the football side, including a leader to run the football operation. Rumor has it that John Elway wants the job. This should be interesting.


RW says: Bob, a question for you: What are the Chief’s top 3 priorities in the off-season in terms of player acquisitions? Is it: 1.) Blazer WR, 2.) NT and 3.) Edge rusher?

Bob says: RW, that’s a nice start right there. I’m not sure I can put any needs in order just yet – let’s wait for the rest of the season to play out. But I think what they need that’s not there now are young bodies in these positions: nose tackle, inside linebacker, cornerback, wide receiver, guard, center, running back and defensive end. They may end up needing another quarterback as well depending on the status of Brodie Croyle in free agency. As good as the season has been for the Chiefs, there are a lot of holes remaining in the roster.

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  • December 11, 2010  - Milkman says:

    Bob- a bit of a personal question- Is it just me or does this new Chiefs administration seem to look down their noses at the local media while co-operating with the national journalists? Seems like any time a major story breaks about my favorite team it comes from national sources. I love where this team is headed but sometimes get the feeling of arrogance coming from them. That’s okay I guess as long as we are an ascending team. I just don’t get the family feeling I did with the last good Chiefs years. ( Stram and Schottenheimer ). Your thoughts?

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