ANSWER BOB – 12/27

MattMac44 says: Bob – Did you see the replay on the penalty during the Lewis interception? I am all about protecting the QB, but the call on Shaun Smith was ridiculous.

Bob says: Matt – it wasn’t much of a penalty and I think it was really directed more at LB Jovan Belcher who also got his hand up around the face mask of QB Kerry Collins. They are always going to work hard to protect the quarterback. Sometimes they go too far in calling the ticky-tack stuff and I would say this play was nothing serious for Collins.


Bill says: Bob, were you around after the game? Did any players stay after the game and watch the Chargers? If so what was the atmosphere like?

Bob says: Bill, I was in the Arrowhead Stadium press box with all the other media scum until about 8 o’clock Sunday night. Within an hour of the game being over just about every player was out the door and gone. I’m sure some of them wound up at somebody’s house or a bar/restaurant. When Todd Haley finally got on the phone and spoke about being division champs, it sounded like he’d been celebrating a bit.


Patrick says: Bob, long time reader, first time poster. I, like most everybody often repeats, love your work and this is the first site I check daily right before the Chiefs site. Am also glad you brought Enrique on the scene, love his work too! I have a question for you.
Grant it that you were there first hand to see all empty seats throughout the season Bob, you said they probably blocked out a certain group of seats for the whole season. Obviously they were never in danger of selling those but are those blocked seats still blocked for playoff games too? Of course I am assuming they did block some seats.

Now a thought or two …

Bob says: Patrick, you really let loose with your post and comments and for the sake of brevity I’m going to answer you personally on some of the other questions you posed. As for the Arrowhead seating capacity, here’s how this whole thing works. The Chiefs list the capacity of Arrowhead at 76,416 after the renovations.

The league each year has teams sign-off on a manifest that lists the capacity of the stadium. Teams do not have to list every seat. They can pick selected seats or even section and make them dead. That means they are not available for ticket sales for any game played that season, including the playoffs. We know that the Chiefs have killed some seats, although the final number has never become public. In the discussion stages last summer they were talking about anywhere from 3,000 to 10,000 dead seats. For entertainment purposes, let’s say the number is 5,000. That drops the sellout threshold to 71,416. According to the Chiefs there are 10,473 seats on the club level or in suites and boxes. Those don’t count towards the capacity when it involves TV blackout rules. That drops the capacity to 60,943. Take out the various comp tickets teams are allowed and that’s 60,000 seats that the Chiefs must sell for each game to lift the blackout.


Patrick says: Are you still pissed about the Chiefs new secrecy? If you are, then why, does it really matter that much? I mean he is more open then Belichick and with more of a sense of humor. Seems to me he’s even commented on how you always have some of the better questions that he’s been asked. Did you think it would be any different when Pioli was hired? Or better yet would you have more patience/understanding if it were Bill Parcels and not this young upstart?

Bob says: The Chiefs new secrecy approach is what it is. I didn’t expect anything different when Scott Pioli came to town and he hasn’t disappointed us by pulling tightly shut all the curtains around how this team operates. Todd Haley is performing as the template has been set. For a good exercise go to the Chiefs website sometime and read through the transcript of a Haley press conference. Then go to the Patriots website and read through the transcript of a Belichick press conference. I think you’ll be surprised by how much Belichick speaks without saying anything. Haley is a bit more informative, but not by much.

But the silly secrecy where they won’t provide any injury information, or the fact they tell the players not to talk about their teammates with the media, or they keep their coaching and personnel staffs off limits just gets old after awhile. Here’s the irony of situations like the current climate around the Chiefs – the people running the show complain that the media doesn’t understand what they are doing, or misrepresents their methods, but they aren’t willing to provide any explanations or understanding of what they do. And no, I wouldn’t have any m ore patience and understanding if it was Parcells; in fact I would have less because the Big Tuna knows that some of this stuff is silly. Haley is still getting his feet wet and will learn soon enough that there are items in a long season that don’t have to be put behind lock and key.


Don says: Bob, I thought the crowd (even as sparse as it was) seemed well into it and brought the noise. Where I was sitting it had a playoff feel to it. Then when we got rolling and held a good lead we all were nuts! What was your take?

Bob says: Don, while the crowd was less than I expected I think those that were in the house made a lot of noise and were into the game, at least until half-time. Then it seemed like about 30 percent of them never returned from the concourse. There’s no question that the 2010 team has begun to feed off the noise the fans are creating.


Dave71 says: I think that it should be perfectly clear to everyone how much a difference coaching makes. The difference between Haley & his relentless attention to detail & Edwards & his undisciplined approach is like night & day. That was made clear in Haley’s first training camp that only the real workers would succeed on his team. You made a comment Bob in one of your columns last year that Haley’s approach would not be received well by the players if there wasn’t success. Well what do you say now? I love your work on this site & I visit it every day, but you STILL seem a bit grudging in your praise of Haley.

Bob says: Dave71, the Chiefs players bought into Haley’s approach once he dropped the Parcells imitation he was doing and became himself. That happened about midway through the ’09 season and it made all the difference in the world with how players viewed Haley. What happened with this team is this – Pioli and Haley thought they were walking into a disaster and found out that wasn’t the case. The Chiefs had not been a bad team for a decade; they had been a bad team for two years and were in the process of rebuilding. The cupboard was not bear. In fact, it was overflowing with talent that today is leading this team into the playoffs – Charles, Albert, Richardson, Bowe, Dorsey, Johnson, Hali, Gilberry, Studebaker, Flowers, Carr, McGraw, Colquitt, Waters, et. al. The attitude of the new folks coming in the door was they were inheriting a dysfunctional team and that’s not the case. They inherited a bunch of young players that had not had the chance to bloosom yet and other players that needed a different approach, the more disciplined approach. Herm Edwards failure was he treated the players the way he wanted to be treated when he was a player. The only problem was that many players did not have the discipline and drive that Edwards possessed as a player and coach.

Haley takes nothing for granted and even after he softened his approach some, he’s still keeping the boot to the collective backside of this team. That’s as it should be. So far, he’s been far more successful than anyone could have imagined, and that includes Clark Hunt and Pioli who picked Haley. No head coach in franchise history won a division title in just his second year with the team. Haley deserves a lot of credit for that, something he’ll get more and more of if they keep winning come January, next season and the season after that.


Jerry says: Bob, I asked you the beginning of the season if this coaching staff could coach this team up. Make them play better through coaching. Yesterday I got my answer! Hard to believe we are West Champions, what a great job by all! Now beat the Raiders and the Jets!! Go Chiefs!!!!

Bob says: There’s no doubt that the additions to the Chiefs coaching staff have been huge in the success of this team in 2010. That group would include Romeo Crennel, Charlie Weis, Emmitt Thomas and one other guy who gets forgotten – strength and conditioning coach Mike Clark. The Chiefs consistently show they are in better shape than their opponents and I don’t think the fact they haven’t had any string of serious injuries is testament to the work Clark has done.


johnfromfairfax says: Bob, I’m not sure we’ll ever know what truly transpired. Do you think it was done to make a point or what? It seemed premature for Cassel to be pulled and it certainly backfired if it was meant to make a point. It didn’t make a difference in the result but was certainly puzzling.

Bob says: There’s no doubt that Haley was trying to make a point to Cassel. I could go on and on about speculation on what that might have been, but there’s little doubt listening to Haley speak on Monday afternoon that the move was a corrective measure for something that Cassel was or wasn’t doing. I have a different take than most on the subject; check out Wednesday morning’s Cup of Chiefs for my thoughts.


Josh says: We have proof now that we don’t have a second or third string QB. Cassel has to stay healthy through February, and in the off-season, we must draft or otherwise acquire, a strong utility QB that can handle the load when Cassel has to have his other appendix removed. Bob, if you were holding the reins, who would you pursue as a developmental QB, given a bottom-half first or second round pick? Or do you think there will be enough free agent journeyman QBs that we wouldn’t have to burn a decent pick?

Bob says: I think the Chiefs will select a quarterback in the 2011 NFL Draft and it will come sometime in rounds four through six. They will go after a guy that’s physically built like Cassel, and has some of his intangibles as well, like intelligence and fortitude. The kid at Iowa Ricky Stanzi seems a possibility what little I’ve studied the quarterbacks coming out. I do think there will be a t least one new face in the quarterbacks room for the ’11 season.


Chuck says: I love Derrick (and all the Chiefs for that matter) but why on certain Sundays do we get “run on” like a freight train coming thru your living room??? The Chargers game in San Diego and even the Raiders game too. It seems like on certain games we just simply can’t stop anybody. Even the Broncos game in Denver if my memory serves me correct. WHAT HAPPENS TO THESE GUYS ON SOME OF THOSE SUNDAYS???? It’s like if they just don’t show up sometimes.

Bob says: Chuck, find a foolproof answer to what happens in those cases and you can retire off the money you’d make from coaches in all sports and at every level. Consistency of performance is always the thing that drives coaches crazy. With the Chiefs defense and stopping the run, I’ve noticed one thing. When the entire defense is involved and they all run to the ball, they handle the opposing runners quite well. If they don’t hustle after the runner, then a broken tackle turns into a big play. If you have access to any game tape watch how they ran to the ball against San Diego, and then how they ran to the ball against St. Louis and Tennessee. That’s what happens and that’s all mental.


Warner says: On a team with a weak pass rush the last few years, how did we allow Jason Babin to leave? Why wasn’t he kept by the new folks when they came in and took over?

Bob says: I asked Haley about this the other day and it was simply this – he fell through the cracks. Babin was not with the Chiefs for the entire 2008 season and he was a soon to be free agent. I don’t think anyone saw Babin having the type of season that he’s put up this year, but given his pass rushing skills, they should have kept him. One of the problems was he was a tweener – not big enough to play end in the 3-4 and not the type to move to OLB. But Babin is the same size as Wallace Gilberry, so he likely would have made a contribution. The key for Babin was getting in with the Titans and their defensive line coach Jim Washburn. He’s the best in the business.


Ernie says: Hi Bob, your site is my first stop every day. Great job! Question: it seems to me that Haley rarely mentioned specific players in his pressers during training camp and early season games and stuck to his laying a foundation message. Now he is passing out compliments left and right. Can you comment on this or his development as a HC? Thanks and Go Chiefs!

Bob says: I think Haley will always be a bit reluctant to blow much wind toward individual players, but I think as these players show they can perform and do so on the field, the head coach will provide more positive and laudatory comments. With guys like Cassel, Wiegmann , Waters, Vrabel – he’s been singing their praises for some time now. The younger players will get some attention as long as they stay on course and produce.


Fan Since 93 says: Bob, I know that Derrick and Demorrio play the same position, but why don’t we ever see them both player linebacker at the same time? Is Belcher that much better against the run or in pass coverage?

Bob says: Belcher is better against the run that Williams, although he plays a different position. Both Belcher and Johnson are inside linebackers, but they have different roles and assignments at different points depending on the defense. Williams has been getting some plays in the dime package where he comes in from Andy Studebaker and rushes the passer. Essentially they have Studebaker as the dime rushers, Williams as the dime rusher-cover guy and rookie LB Cory Greenwood as the dime cover guy. It’s another example of the coaching staff trying to use all of their parts.

2 Responses to “ANSWER BOB – 12/27”

  • December 29, 2010  - charles says:


    Do you feel the Chiefs will move Brian Waters to center to make room for Jon Asamoah at RG next year. It seems to me that Jon might be too good to sit on the bench again and with Casey Wiegmann’s advancing age I would think Casey might be limited. Brian Waters id start his career at center and I would think he could easily make the transition to canter to finish his career.

  • December 29, 2010  - Patrick says:

    Bob I apologize, I just realized I forgot to wish you a happy holidays during that last story(I mean post). So happy holidays to you and your family and once again sorry to take up your time with that long post but thanks for reading it and the answers. Most of your readers come up with the questions I would usually pose so I am honored to be able to contribute.

    I really enjoyed that picture(and article) of the previous last outdoor game in Minnesota. I was 16 when you took that picture. Didn’t realize that was in the 80′s, thought that dome opened in the 70′s. I sure do miss those “this day in Chiefs history segments”.

    Any update on those podcasts? I believe somebody brought it up not too long ago and I believe you said to stay tuned. I also miss those talks with Lenny and Rick Gosselin.

    Man can you believe those darn Tigers? Now don’t get me wrong they will always be my college team and I am happy with their season because they really have come a long way but come on man why do all my favorite teams have to do that to me? And no that’s not an actual question, more of a thought/observation. I just hope it is different this time and I think it will be though(with the Chiefs).

    Now this is not what I really believe, just something I like to say but I would gladly give that ’85 World Series title back to the Cardinals to get rid of what I call the “Don Denkinger curse” that just moved across the parking lot. Let me clarify I do not actually believe this, it’s just something I came up with whenever I used to hear about the “curse of the bambino/billy goat.”

    Here I go again rambling on again. Thanks and have a great New Year.

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