ANSWER BOB – 12/23

Rich says: Bob, do you have a Top Ten list of the toughest Chiefs? In terms of the QB position, I always thought DeBerg was one tough hombre. How does Cassel compare? Thanks for “bringing your talent” to the Chiefs fans every day. Merry Christmas.

Bob says: Happy holidays to you Rich. Great question and you are right about DeBerg. When he broke his pinkie back in 1990 and quickly got back on the field that was toughness. Every time he took a snap, that ball would bump against that finger and send shooting pains through his hand and arm. OK, here are 10, and these are just guys that I’ve seen personally since 1981. I list them in no particular order: CB Kevin Ross, C Jack Rudnay, S Lloyd Burruss, G Tom Condon, TE Ed Beckman, S Deron Cherry, LB Dino Hackett, G Dave Szott, RB Priest Holmes, FS Jerome Woods and G Brian Waters. I’m sure I’m leaving a few folks out, but that’s a list of tough, tough guys. There are a lot of Pro Bowl appearances among that group and that’s no coincidence. Pound for pound the toughest were Ross and Rudnay. Physically, these two guys had no business playing pro football for one season, let alone the 14 and 13 seasons that they played.


Mark says: What an inspiring column about Cassel! And, it is admirable that the Chiefs are providing their fans and their KC community with so many players with so many positive personal character traits, Cassel and others. (And with pretty good football skills, too!)

TX_ChiefAN says: Great article Bob! Cassel is THE MAN! I couldn’t be more proud to be a Chief fan than I am right now.

Edward says: Best article I’ve ever read of Bob I almost shed a tear. Literally.

Don says: Great writing Bob! I jumped off of the sofa seeing him trot out on the field. I knew we could win with him, not so much without him. Does anyone remember the “can you win with —-” (insert Matt or DBowe) questions earlier in the season? I’m not saying I wasn’t questioning judgment calls too. But today I was a Matt lover. Not only did he play, he played! I like the fire he has. We’ve won more games this year than the last two years put together! It’s a good year to be a Chief’s fan. Like John says the drive to KC from Wichita is a heck’a lot more fun. Me and a friend pulled into my drive at 5:30 A.M. after the MNF game and vowed to hit more games we had so much fun and felt the Arrowhead magic seeping back. We’ve been to all 6 home games and we won them all. Coincidence? Why yes, we’re going to the last two. We still need a few pieces but damn! I like it!

Morten says: Fantastic column Bob… You’re right on… We’ve got ourselves a QB:-)

Bob says: Thanks all of you for your nice comments. The development of a quarterback is a long difficult process. There are few ways to hide the mistakes; it doesn’t go on behind closed doors, but in front of thousands of people. It’s aggravating, frustrating, and sometimes mind-numbing. But when you see it begin to fall together it’s a beautiful thing. That’s what’s happened with Matt Cassel in this 2010 season. There are trials and tribulations ahead, but there’s a very good chance Cassel is the man.


Josh says: If Cassel doesn’t play at least four quarters of Sunday’s game, the season is over. What would it matter if he’s good to go for the last two games if we lose Sunday? San Diego is not going to lose in the next three weeks. It’s time for Matt to step up. He’s not the only one on the planet who’s had surgery and had to return to work sooner than comfort would dictate.

Bob, this vestigial organ sure has thrown a wrench into our bet… However, seeing as its December and we still have a shot at the playoffs, I’d say you’ve won the bet. I think MC (not to mention the entire team) has pleasantly surprised us this year, and for that, I happily concede the win. Email me your address or a location of your choice so that I can send you your delicious winnings.

Bob says: Let’s wait and see how these final two games go before anything gets settled. It’s hard to be patient as any Chiefs fan knows all so well. But Tennessee and Oakland are going to make it difficult for this team to win the division and make the tournament. We’ll square up come February.


Dan-NY says: Bob, Do you know whether Cassel plans to wear a flak jacket for the game? Seems extra armor over his healing underbelly would be prudent. Does wearing one affect the QB’s throwing motion, and if so would he be wearing one during practice as well? Can one even tell by just observation?

Bob says: Dan, sorry it’s taken some time to answer you. Cassel did wear an extension from his shoulder pads that came down and covered most of his stomach area. However, his lower torso was just protected by an extra wrap. It’s something he wore during practice to get used to the feeling. The way the extra protection was attached, it really wasn’t much of a hindrance to his throwing motion. There was nothing out of the ordinary in the protection he used. There are some quarterbacks who wear those pads all the time.

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  • December 23, 2010  - matt says:

    What about Joe Philips for all joe team tough guy

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