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Milkman says: Makes you wonder if the Chiefs would have said anything had it not been for Adam Schefter breaking the story right ahead of them. I’ve got to say I agree with Bob on this one. What’s with all the secrecy about injuries? You can understand if it comes down to keeping your upcoming opponent guessing. But in some cases such as this one you would have to assume your next opponent was plain stupid to buy it. (The fans too for that matter.) They also look like a bunch of liars- and for what? I am very happy with the direction my favorite team is headed. I just wish they would try a little harder not to come off as a bunch of snobs.

jim says: Oh yeah, the secrecy issue. If keeping it under wraps for one extra practice day helps the Chiefs gain an advantage over SD in SD’s preparation, so be it. No biggie. Bob, I understand your frustration, because it’s your job to get us the inside info as quickly as possible. You do any awesome job with that. BUT, nobody here holds you responsible for not getting information that simply just isn’t ready to be made public yet. Hang in Bro, and keep making us happy with your stellar work.

Bob says: I understand their approach to injuries when it concerns players that may play in Sunday’s game. There are teams and players that would take that information and paint a target on the part of the body that’s injured. That’s why I have no problem if they say a knee injury is a leg injury. But in this case they knew from moment one that Cassel wasn’t going to play this weekend, not after an appendectomy. The news on something like this is going to get out; there’s no question about that. This team needs to learn how to get out in front of this type of information. These are smart people. I can’t imagine that they believe the Chargers’ heads were messed up all week when it came to what quarterback to prepare to play. They aren’t the only team that does things this way, but that’s neither here nor there. I can guarantee you that the Chargers preparation wasn’t compromised one bit by not knowing who the starting quarterback will be. This isn’t like the difference between Kevin Kolb (drop back passer) and Michael Vick (runner). This isn’t about a potential starter who has never started before.


Brad says: They aren’t doing anything different than the other 31 franchises by reporting only what you are required to. This whining about secrecy is getting old.

Bob says: Brad, the stealth and shadowing the truth is what’s getting old. It’s unnecessary and silly. It makes grown men look like children, because eventually the news gets out and sometimes it gets out because they make sure it gets out behind the scenes. Nobody is asking to see MRIs or blood test results.


Michael O says: Brad I agree, they have a business to run and they’ll run it like they see fit. Bob quit whining.

Andrew says: Bob, I respect your writing and opinions. However, your harping about secrecy does wear on me. I don’t understand why sports reporters feel entitled to information from the franchises. If they were reporting on business or government they would have to dig scoops out of research and sources. Sport franchises are businesses, not the media’s property.

Nate says: Bob it is time to quit bitching about the way the Chiefs handle media. That is the way it is done by the Patriots, so why would you expect it to be any different when Scott Pioli takes over in KC? Get over it. The only thing that matters to me is if we have a winning team and we do. I’ll tune in on Sunday and see watch Brodie Croyle win his 1st NFL game!

Bob says: Michael, Andrew and Nate … call it whining, call it whatever you want, but it’s silliness. They’ve chosen to run their business this way and that’s their choice. But when you are in the business of pleasing your stockholders (fans), providing basic information shouldn’t be such a clandestine activity.


Fansince93 says: If Cassel doesn’t play this will be the biggest game of Croyle’s professional career. It will be interesting to see how he handles the pressure of the Chiefs most important game of the year (thus far), but more importantly his play on this game will determine his NFL stock and the interest in other teams acquiring him once his contract is complete. If he has a bad game then his Chiefs and NFL career could be over.

Bob says: There’s no doubt that the chance to play will be very big for Croyle. He’s only on a one-year deal and any type of good performance will generate some interest in him among other teams. It would also keep the Chiefs interested in keeping him around. But even more than that, Croyle needs a good performance for Croyle. With a career like his, he needs some positive reinforcement.


el cid says: Secrecy and the Chiefs, keep winning and it does not matter. But remember the Chiefs are selective in their secrecy. Blackout in KC but Haley told SD (?) paper about his injury and what they report to the league goes to NFL Channel and ESPN immediately. No the secrecy is only for KC and I doubt it has all that much to do with the NFL teams not knowing anything, more like keeping the local peons in line and keeps them from asking to many questions.

Petey says: I agree with Cid on this. It’s one thing to try complete secrecy, but this selective secrecy is BS, same as it was with Haley’s injury. He had no problem telling the Arizona media, but couldn’t bother to tell the local people? It seems bush league to me, and I wish one of the reporters *cough, BOB, cough* would come out and ask why they did that (and maybe you have and we just haven’t seen it in print).

Bob says: Whether they provide any information to the local guys doesn’t matter. Just treat everybody the same. If it’s going to be top secret, then it’s top secret. This isn’t so much of a plan as a game they play. They should stick to playing games on the field.


RW says: As the title states in his marvelous 2006 book, author John Feinstein says it best now for the Chiefs: NEXT MAN UP. I think we all knew about the fragile condition of roster depth at various positions so now is the moment to deal with the reality of ‘what is’ and ‘what will be?’ As to Bob’s statements on the Chief’s information lockdown, I for one appreciate his comments as a journalist who isn’t marching in lockstep as a team lapdog scribe might do. Good show, Bob. Bloody good show.

Bob says: RW, without a doubt this is where the rubber hits the road or any of a hundred other clichés we can repeat that starting with this game in San Diego, it’s time for the 2010 Chiefs to step forward, handle the absence of their starting quarterback and find a way to win. Pretender to contender is an ongoing journey.


Kiowa says: Who friggin’ cares what they tell and don’t tell, in the end the game goes on no matter who plays. Croyle will surprise the doubters and Charles is gonna run wild all day and be the star anyway!

Bob says: There’s no doubt that nobody gives a hoot about any of this if they keep on winning. There’s nothing that solves problems like finishing the day with more points than the other guys.


Tim says: I’m not worried about the secrecy in the least. As long as we’re compliant with the NFL rules, that’s all that matters. The rest is just whining. Get over it. As for Croyle, he just has to manage the game. He’s never been on the field as a pro with protection, a running game & a REAL game plan. He’s a better deep ball thrower than Cassel, I believe. He’ll need to keep his adrenaline under control early, if that’s possible to keep from over throwing and/ or throwing real “fastballs” our guys aren’t used to. Its his opportunity to showcase potentially for other teams for the future & maybe make them take another look…should he hit the market.

Bob says: No question this is the best group of players that Croyle has had a chance to play with during his career. It’s still not a good enough group, because there are a not enough receivers. He needs to take advantage of this; he can’t go afford to go backwards. The Chiefs can’t afford for him to go backwards.


Fleaflicker34 says: Bob, if all the media folks were like you then they probably would be more forthcoming. You are a pro and seem to have universal respect. I think it’s hilarious that the on air jack-wagons at WHB get so pissed off because they are cut outta the loop. I love it when Haley is smarmy and evasive to the media. I say, if they build a consistent winner here, it’ll get worse rather that better, and the talking heads will be beside themselves. One of the ass-hats at WHB said yesterday “we are considering not airing Todd’s press conferences next year, because he doesn’t say anything and is just evasive”. Right, If they are winning, they will be airing everything they can get. I live in Portland Or. but sports radio out here really blows, so I listen to WHB online. Also, you go Barry Richardson, and smash some Chargers in the mouth. You are now my favorite Chief (they hate you on WHB.)

Bob says: I must say I’ve enjoyed watching the relationship develop (or not develop) between the Chiefs and 810. Both sides made a deal with the devil and I’m sure neither side is happy how it has played out. Having some idea of the dynamics of these type of relationships, I could have told them they would be disappointed. As for Haley’s press conferences – there’s something that can be learned about the team every time he speaks, or in some cases does not speak. They want some sound bites that create a buzz. In 30+ years I haven’t covered a head coach who created a buzz with his press conferences.

3 Responses to “Answer Bob – 12/10”

  • December 12, 2010  - Jonathan says:

    Part of this is due to the access that Kansas City media had with the Chiefs under Carl but you have people like Whitlock, Teicher, and Kietzman who misuse it. Pioli said he was going to limit the access and everyone is just going to have to adapt. Also remember with all the social media networks and picture phones it gets difficult to control privacy. Granted the Chargers probably figured Croyle would start but it would have been a shock to them if Cassell walked on the field and started the game. There is no problem with controlling the access.

  • December 12, 2010  - Edward says:

    Y is everybody making a fuss over Chiefs secreacy. Its no different in New England or when Parcells was coaching. This team won 10 games in the last 3 yrs and now are on the verge of a division title. That should be focus of fans and media not worrying about who’s hurt or player contracts eventually word will get out. So its not a big deal its not going change so let’s stop kicking dead horse.

  • December 12, 2010  - Petey says:

    Because it’s selective secrecy, Edward.

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