Another Veteran WR Arrives … Tuesday Cup O’Chiefs

The time to sign veteran wide receivers was in March, April & May.

That’s how Bobby Engram came to the Chiefs; he was one of the first receivers acquired by Pioli/Haley in their re-make of the team’s roster. Engram was signed for his ability after 14 NFL seasons to play in the slot and catch passes on third down. He wasn’t viewed in the spring, or viewed now as an every offensive down receiver.

When at team is trying to add experienced pass catchers in August and September it’s pretty good evidence of a rash of injuries or the fact that somebody seriously over-estimated the talent on the roster. With the Chiefs, it’s not a problem with injuries, although they did lose Devard Darling for the season with a torn ACL in his left knee.

Sometime today the Chiefs will announce the signing of 28-year old WR Bobby Wade (right), who will be playing in his seventh NFL season. To make room for Wade, the Chiefs will have to move somebody off the active roster.

Wade is the third veteran receiver that Pioli/Haley have brought in since the start of training camp in hopes of improving the talent level at the position. Amani Toomer and Ashley Lelie came and departed before the season opener.

The duo in charge of the Chiefs has said they will continue to add players to their team if he’s an upgrade in talent. Whether Wade qualifies as an upgrade remains to be seen. Over his career he’s caught 208 passes for 2,491 yards and seven touchdowns. He was a starter in Chicago for the 2004 season, but then lost the job the next year. He started 26 games the past two seasons in Minnesota. In between the Bears and Vikings he spent time with the Titans.

Wade was released by the Vikings last week, even after he cut in half his pay for the ’09 season to help the team’s salary cap situation. If Wade is in shape, if he arrives with a good demeanor and if he plays like he has something to prove, then he’ll come in and immediately be the second best receiver on the roster.

Of course, that says more about the receivers on the roster than it does Wade. Right now, Mark Bradley is in the starting lineup, but he found Haley’s doghouse on Sunday when he failed to pick up a first down on a third down catch where he had vision and a run at the sticks. That’s the type of mental blunder that sticks in the head coach’s craw.

There is opportunity for Wade with the Chiefs. He’s even returned punts and kicks in his past, with a career average of 8.8 yards on punts and 23.9 yards on kickoffs.

Another aspect of Wade’s game is fumbles; he’s never gone a season without coughing up the ball at least once. In 2005, he fumbled 10 times while with the Bears. In 90 NFL games, Wade has fumbled 20 times. That works out to a fumble ever 16.7 times he touches the ball. That’s not good.

Yet it’s an improvement for the Chiefs and brings us back to Pioli/Haley and their decisions, or non-decisions in the off-season. If a team wanted veteran receivers with some level of talent the window to sign them was when the NFL free agency period began in late February. Certainly the receiver market was not deep and you always overpay for those types of players, guys like Laveranues Coles, T.J. Houshmandzadeh and Devery Henderson.

But it’s not like the Chiefs did not have the salary cap room to make the moves. And any one of those three receivers would have elevated the position coming into the season, and certainly added more than Toomer, Lelie and likely Wade brought to the offense.

But Coles went from the Jets to Bengals, while Housh went from the Bengals to the Seahawks and Henderson stayed with the Saints.

And the Chiefs are trying yet again to find a shiny nickel in the NFL scrap heap of receivers.


The head coach doesn’t meet with the media on Monday, but he spoke on the Chiefs Radio Network and while there were no great revelations, here’s some of what he said:

- ON CHIEFS PHYSICAL CONDITION: “Our team has to be in condition to compete the way we have to and win games. We didn’t have any IVs after the game. Sometimes there are 10 or 11 guys after a game like that (with IVs). We came out relatively clean.”

- ON HIS TEAM UNDERSTANDING WHAT DIDN’T GET DONE: “We’ve got to be able to finish. We had a chance. We had the score tied. We have to get off the field and give the ball back to the offense. I thought we were winning the game that we were going to come out on top. Very disappointed that it ended the way it ended. It was a quiet airplane ride home. That was good. They understand that losing will not be accepted.”

- ON PERFORMANCE OF BRODIE CROYLE: “If you had told me we scored 24 points, I would have believed we’d win the game. Brodie played well enough to give us a chance to win. Brodie did a commendable job, in a difficult situation. Throughout the week we didn’t know for sure who was playing. We took it right down the wire whether Matt would play or not, we felt the best direction to go was with Brodie. He did a solid job for us.”

- ON STATUS OF MATT CASSEL FOR THIS SUNDAY’S GAME: “It’s encouraging when you have a player that wants to play and does everything possible to get out there. When he’s a tough player, it speeds up the healing process. He was really disappointed. He was in here all day, doing everything he can that he can go this week. We will see where he is on Wednesday. When you have a guy doing everything necessary, it gives you hope.”


We found out who the Chiefs had voted as their captains for this season on Sunday in Baltimore: Mike Vrabel and Mike Brown on defense, Matt Cassel and Brian Waters on offense and Jon McGraw on special teams.

There were some former Chiefs who earned the big “C” on their jersey. In Buffalo, LB Kawika Mitchell is one of the Bills defensive captains, while C Casey Wiegmann is an offensive captain in Denver. With the Steelers, LB Keyaron Fox is a captain for the special teams.


  • BEARS – placed LB Brian Urlacher on the injured-reserve list (wrist); signed LB Tim Shaw.
  • BENGALS – activated OT Andre Smith to the active roster; released RB DeDe Dorsey.
  • BUCCANEERS – signed DE Tim Crowder and G Sean Mahan; released CB Kyle Arrington and DE Maurice Evans.
  • CHARGERS – promoted DE Andre Coleman from the practice squad; released RB Gartrell Johnson.
  • EAGLES – signed QB Jeff Garcia.    
  • FALCONS – re-signed RB Vernon Haynes.
  • JAGUARS – DE Reggie Hayward suffered a broken leg in Sunday’s game against Indianapolis and is done for the season.
  • JETS – released CB Marquice Cole; DE Shaun Ellis re-joined the team after serving a one-game NFL suspension.
  • PANTHERS – signed QB A.J. Feeley; placed QB Josh McCown on the injured-reserve list (foot).
  • RAIDERS – released DT William Joseph; activated DL Richard Seymour.
  • SEAHAWKS – re-signed LB D.D. Lewis; released DE Derek Walker.


On September 15, 1968, the Chiefs lost to the New York Jets 20-19 at Municipal Stadium. A then record crowd of 48,871 saw the Jets defense control the Kansas City offense, as the Chiefs scored just 201 yards and no touchdowns. New York QB Joe Namath threw a pair of touchdown passes to WR Don Maynard of 57 and 30 yards. The Chiefs only TD came on an 80-yard punt return by Noland Smith. K Jan Stenerud had three field goals. Namath hit 17 of 29 throws for 302 yards; MLB Willie Lanier picked off a pass.

On September 15, 1974, the Chiefs beat the New York Jets 24-16 in the season opener at Arrowhead Stadium. Jets QB Joe Namath threw a pair of first half touchdown passes, but before intermission he threw one pass too many. Just before the end of the second period, Marvin Upshaw snagged a Namath screen pass and rumbled 52 yards for a touchdown. Combined with an earlier two-yard TD run by RB Ed Podolak and the Jets led 16-14 at halftime. The Chiefs scored the only points of the second half, as K Jan Stenerud h it from 27 yards and CB Emmitt Thomas picked off Namath and returned it 38 yards for a score. In all the Chiefs grabbed four interceptions from Broadway Joe. Overall, the Jets had six turnovers on the afternoon

On September 15, 1996, the Chiefs beat the Seattle Seahawks 35-17 at the Kingdome. The Chiefs led 21-10 at half-time and controlled the game from the start. QB Steve Bono threw three touchdown passes, including two to WR Chris Penn and one to Dale Carter for 46 yards, as the cornerback got some snaps on offense. In fact, Carter caught three passes for 61 yards. RB Marcus Allen had scoring runs of one and two yards. The Kansas City defense had an interception from S Mark Collins and seven sacks, topped by DT Joe Phillips who had two.


Born on September 15, 1971 in Ft. Riley, Kansas was G Will Shields. He was selected in the third round of the 2003 NFL Draft out of Nebraska. Shields became a 12-time Pro Bowler with the Chiefs, playing 14 seasons (1993-2006), appearing in 224 games with 223 consecutive starts. Those 224 games are the most played in franchise history. Shields never missed a game during his NFL career and played 223 at right guard and one at left tackle. In the ’98 season, he caught a pass for four yards. He retired before the 2007 season and will be eligible for the Pro Football Hall of Fame class of 2013.

133 Responses to “Another Veteran WR Arrives … Tuesday Cup O’Chiefs”

  • September 15, 2009  - Anonymous says:

    Which brings the question you did not ask or answer, Did the Chiefs try to get one of the premier recievers on the market? Were they not willing to come to a team gutted of any chance of winning by a coach who valued youth over ability? I know you are not in constant contact with this g.m., especially not like with Carl, but where is the rest of the story.

  • September 15, 2009  - Anonymous says:

    As far as Bobby Wade is concerned, we have a punt returner, fourth reciever. We did not sign him in the off season since he was busy taking a pay cut to help his team, before the cut him. It’s the N.F.L., for every brilliant move, stealing Jared when King Carl pissed him off, you do another one that free agents. when getting ready to sign somewhere are going to look at, and go…..elsewhere.

  • September 15, 2009  - arrowhead1978 says:

    The Chiefs should sign Rin Tin Tin!!!!

  • September 15, 2009  - David says:

    Bob is beginning to read like those annoying fans who think you can just go pluck someone from the experienced wide-receiver tree whenever you’re hungry.

    How and when did Vermiel get Kennison? How did that work out?

  • September 15, 2009  - Michael says:

    Don’t know what the deal is with Gretz these days. For some time, I thought he was just being a little more critical in his view of the Chiefs, but now he appears to be straightforwardly hostile.

  • September 15, 2009  - el cid says:

    Do not know much about Wade. If he can help, ok by me. But Haley better figure out how to get some offense going and I doubt Wade is even part of the answer. Then we have the defense that gave up 501 yards. If that is their best effort, it will be a even longer season.

  • September 15, 2009  - Dave says:

    Be it receivers or offensive linemen or whatever, this permeating idea that the Chiefs should have just thrown money at a weak crop of free agents is getting sickening.

    I mean, did anyone pay attention to the last several years under Carl? Time and time again, the team shelled out big bucks to guys who hardly made an impact. Sure, TJ Houshamazilly is a good receiver, but he’s not going to show up here and make the Chiefs contenders. And he’s 31 years old. That isn’t the kind of player we should be throwing money at.

  • September 15, 2009  - Rip 'em a new one says:

    ANYone with the semblance of K/P Return skills has to get a good look, so Wade might possibly upgrade that position, not that it would be difficult to upgrade based on performances there thus far. That’s one thing.

    Looking back in time is always with 20/20 vision so if P/H thought they had the WRs to get ‘er done back in March/April, I’m good with that. I’m still a little mystified as to why Lelie failed to make the cut and, I’d say that only Hhosyourmama was the best impact WR to acquire.

    I’m with anonymous in his excellent point as to the status of those free agent WRs and perhaps their desire to not play for a re-build? Probably so, if they had choices and they did, so that’s water under the bridge as well, I guess.

  • September 15, 2009  - el cid says:

    Since you brought it up, for many years Bob was a highly visible supporter and spokesperson for the Peterson Chiefs. That has all changed now. I do not know but suppect he has no more insider knowledge than anyone else in the local media as Pioli/Haley have the phobia of info getting out. There would be a certain amount of sadness/anger toward the new management just be aware of it and enjoy those who have sane views of the 09 Chiefs, even if it is not myself.

  • September 15, 2009  - Rick says:

    gretz lost all accountability to write unbiased opinions of these chiefs when he got fired evidently since josh looney is writing the articles now….i really enjoyed reading these reports until about two weeks ago and now it is kind of reading a whitlock article waiting to see what he criticizes next about the chiefs….i wonder if he remembers going after whitlock on numerous occasions about his writing.

  • September 15, 2009  - findthedr says:

    Great posts and discussion everyone. Agree with all who are chastising Gretz.

    March, April and May might have been the time to pick up overpriced vets, but the vets that are picked up today can be bought on the cheap without guaranteeing their entire salary. That is even better.

  • September 15, 2009  - arrowhead1978 says:

    Rin is a better writer than Gretz anyways!

  • September 15, 2009  - el cid says:

    Interesting views Dave. I agree that TJ Hosh, is not a long term answer for the Chiefs and ok to pass him by. That said the Chiefs left money unused in the bank, they went into the 09 season without enough bullets at WR, and they had to play games during 09 and cannot forfeit 16 games while they look for that next young stud. So why not go after a TJ Hosh. He might have helped over Engram, Lelie, Toomer, or Wade put together. The same can be said about the OL because unless the NFL lets you forfeit all your games, money in the bank does not block a D Lineman.

  • September 15, 2009  - Michael says:

    This is still a geat place to get info from Gretz and insight from fellow fans, but yes, the comment about it getting to be like reading Whitlock (who I detest) was right on.

    Maybe somewhere in the middle between propagandist and basher, Mr. Gretz?

  • September 15, 2009  - arrowhead1978 says:!! Who’s with me?

  • September 15, 2009  - Scott says:

    The problem with going after some of the “name” FA’s…is that not many guys want to come play for a team that’s won 6 games in two years. Period. When they have other options, of course. That will change when we start winning again…and KC is once more where guys will want to come play.

    Haley: “They understand that losing will not be accepted.”

    What a refreshing change over Herm’s philosophy, where losing WAS acceptable. For these guys now…you’ll do your job, or they’ll find someone else who will. I like it.

  • September 15, 2009  - Scott says:

    As far as Bob’s “tone” these days? Agree or not, and I don’t always…it’s his “house”, and he can say whatever he wants. It’s just his opinion. We all have them…and most differ either slightly or greatly. No big deal.

  • September 15, 2009  - Niblick says:

    I wonder who the Chiegfs will release in order to make room for Wade. I would think it would either be Gutierrez or Thigpen, if they feel Cassel can go. Another possibility could be one of the LBs.
    We’ll find out today when it’s officila with Wade.

  • September 15, 2009  - ILChiefsFan says:

    I respect Bob’s opinion, but anonymous’ first two comments on this post are dead on. Well said, anonymous.

  • September 15, 2009  - ILChiefsFan says:

    Speaking of receivers, rumors are that Hank Baskett of the Eagles will be waived soon. He’s kind of a “Bowe lite”, but he’s a big target, he can make big plays, and he can play special teams.

  • September 15, 2009  - burnsomatic says:

    This is off subject. How many times did Flacco throw the ball? Was it not like 40 some times, ofcourse he is going to have a big game. Thats what pisses me off, everyone saying we gave up 501 yards, that is going to be the case when they throw a billion times. Our D got off the feild in certain situations when they needed to, so I give them some credit.

  • September 15, 2009  - Anonymous says:

    The info on Hank Baskett is the Eagles want to trade him, as a last resort they will release him.
    I posted earlier asking why Bob did not ask certain questions. I never listened too closely to the infighting in the local media, but it is beginning to look like Bob really was Carl’s lap dog. Lassies says “arf”
    I listen, read, and watch people I don’t agree with, I am just a Chiefs junkie, but eventually when reporting with a biased slant, you will lose your audience, Lassie knows that.

  • September 15, 2009  - Milt says:

    I called this one. Wade is better than Lelie, Toomer, Engram, Copper, etc. He’s basically Bobby Engram 5 years ago. I’m not saying he’s great, but he’s an upgrade.

  • September 15, 2009  - el cid says:

    side issue, It was reported the Chiefs are $7 mil under the salary cap. If they do not use it, the money will be divided among the team’s players. I just feel Pioli missed the boat this year and while I know he has a plan, he sure left the team hanging out in the breeze without enough help.

  • September 15, 2009  - Scott says:

    burnsomatic says:
    “Thats what pisses me off, everyone saying we gave up 501 yards, that is going to be the case when they throw a billion times.”

    If your Defense gives up 500 yards…they’ve had a REALLY bad day. No matter how who/how/why you try to “spin” it. Hopefully, it won’t happen again.

  • September 15, 2009  - Scott says:

    el cid says:
    “side issue, It was reported the Chiefs are $7 mil under the salary cap. If they do not use it, the money will be divided among the team’s players. I just feel Pioli missed the boat this year and while I know he has a plan, he sure left the team hanging out in the breeze without enough help.”

    Better to divide it between guys that made the team…than to piss it away on a “name”.

    I curious…who do you think Pioli should have signed? That was willing to come play for us, that is.

  • September 15, 2009  - ILChiefsFan says:

    I think one of the problems the Chiefs had in free agency was that they were behind the curve organizationally. They were late replacing the GM, late hiring a HC, late getting the coaching staff as a whole in place. I would assume this made them late in assessing current personnel, determining what players would fit their scheme, and going after the players. I think this probably hurt them during the free agency period.

    However, as was previously stated, we really don’t know what free agents they went after and how hard, do we?

  • September 15, 2009  - el cid says:

    You have to admit the Cassel trade and signing a major move. I am sure if Pioli can do that he could have found a WR or C or OL. Who I have no idea but I never dreamed Pioli could grab Cassel also. Just why not TJ Hosh. for one year 7 mil and we might have had a second “name” WR to get the ball thru. “willing to come to play for us” who says he would not or would, got insider info on the Chiefs, none of us do but the fact is Pioli neglected to fix the offense side of the team and we have a real chance of getting killed against Oakland and 7 mil sitting in the bank.

  • September 15, 2009  - Scott says:

    No…no insider info here. But, I know that most FA vets are not going to be too enthused to come play for a team that won two games last year. Not when they can sign with a team that has playoff chances.

    ILChiefsFan says:

    “However, as was previously stated, we really don’t know what free agents they went after and how hard, do we?”


  • September 15, 2009  - Rick says:

    Scott……don’t you think the opinion has shifted though quite a bit lately….my guess Bob will be writing for a new team next season….he is a good writer but look the chiefs replaced him on the sideline for the radio….they replaced him on the chiefs website… I guess i would have a little hostitlity also towards them but negativity never gets you anywhere in life.

  • September 15, 2009  - SG says:

    “gretz lost all accountability to write unbiased opinions of these chiefs when he got fired evidently since josh looney is writing the articles now….i really enjoyed reading these reports until about two weeks ago and now it is kind of reading a whitlock article waiting to see what he criticizes next about the chiefs….i wonder if he remembers going after whitlock on numerous occasions about his writing.”

    Am I really reading this? Since when is it required of a writer to not criticize the management of a team (especially when he’s apparently not on their payroll)? Writing of a style that is required to be 100% loyal to the team with NO ability to criticize is known as PROPAGANDA, not reporting. If you want crony-ism, read Rin’s comments regarding his boy Herm – or go read the sales department press releases at Feel free to buy some season tickets so home games aren’t “blacked out” while you’re at it.

    And I guess you experts forget very quickly Bob’s commentaries even when he was with Carl – he was intellectually honest and had plenty of criticism for them too. C’mon guys – grow some kahunas and some backbone.

  • September 15, 2009  - Scott says:


    I have noticed a certain “tone”. But, Bob is MUCH closer to the situation than any of us…so I’m sure he has his reasons. It really doesn’t matter to me, personally. He has his opinion…and I have mine. I don’t have to agree with someone in order to appreciate their “take” on something.

  • September 15, 2009  - SG says:

    I speak as a request to you all since I can grow neither kahunas nor a backbone.

  • September 15, 2009  - ILChiefsFan says:

    el cid,

    Well, Pioli was very familiar with Cassel and my guess is one of the first determinations the new regime came to was that a new QB was needed. To me, that’s a little different from determining the need for a WR, determining which WR position is needed, evaluating the ones available, determining if they were worth the deal they were looking for, etc.

    That said, I agree absolutely that Pioli/Haley have not done enough to bolster the Offensive line. To me that’s a lot more important right now than bolstering the WR corps (although you always want to be improving all aspects of the team).

    I’d like to see them bring in Runyan or Hughes at RT, move Ndukwe over to G, jettison either Alleman or Goff, and find another G/C somewhere.

  • September 15, 2009  - SG says:

    “…this permeating idea that the Chiefs should have just thrown money at a weak crop of free agents is getting sickening.”

    What about drafting WR’s and O-Line? Oh wait, they didn’t do that either. They should be exempted from any opinions on these matters even while the D gave up 500 yards to the POWERFUL Baltimore Ravens offense.

    Is doing “nothing” better than doing “something” (albeit weak or questionable)? Stay tuned for 15 more regular season weeks and hopefully Rin won’t be able to say much about the issue.

  • September 15, 2009  - ILChiefsFan says:


    501 yards is too much to give up to anyone (except maybe the Saints), but I think you underestimate the Ravens offense. They’ll be good this season.

  • September 15, 2009  - Tim says:

    There were some guys out there that could’ve helped us, but I agree getting the organization in place late probably was the main culprit in not going after guys like the center for the Ravens that signed with STL, or a quality 3-4 DE in Chris Canty among others. They went pretty quick.

  • September 15, 2009  - St. Paul 1 says:

    I don’t see why any negative comment regarding Pioli needs to be seen as evidence of bias. By all accounts, Haley/Pioli have made positive changes to the team’s attitude. Supposedly to the defense, too, although we have yet to see that demonstrated. But it’s undeniable they have done little to address glaring deficiencies at wide receiver and on the offensive line. Given the amount they’ve invested in Cassel, that seems a little odd. I don’t know if one of those high-priced free agents would have been the answer, but surely one can at least ask the question without being accused of being hostile to the Chiefs.

  • September 15, 2009  - St. Paul 1 says:

    Also, I have diarrhea.

  • September 15, 2009  - Anonymous says:

    You can not totally rebuild in a year. They got a starting QB,LB,DE in the first two rounds of the draft, back up DE with upside in round 3. It will take time, even now they are upgrading the offensive line. Herm kept players based on youth, not talent.
    Lassie, I know we didn’t draft a QB,LB in the second round, but we used that pick to aquire them.

  • September 15, 2009  - Scott says:

    I agree. Turning this team COMPLETELY around in one year would be nothing short of a miracle. Pioli is building for the long term…a year in and year out “contender”. But of course, winning in the short term would be nice too. I’m confident we’re headed in the right direction, though. The guy needs a chance to do his “thing”. There IS a reason why he’s where he’s at…and we’re where we’re are. It’s pretty easy to play GM at a computer keyboard, with hindsight as a weapon. And a little tougher to actually DO the job, looking forward.

  • September 15, 2009  - SG says:

    “You can not totally rebuild in a year.”

    Correcto. But if you trade away your Pro Bowl quality TE, the face of the franchise, for a 2nd round pick next year, yours truly would have hoped that Don Pioli had a plan in place to address the issue versus making one-half of the situation actually worse? (reference everyone’s bazillion-and-a-half comments on our top-quality offensive line)

  • September 15, 2009  - jimbo says:

    Our defense still looked good overall against the Ravens. 501 yards on over 80 plays. Statistics don’t always reveal the big picture. I’m content with their first game results. End of story…

    We need to stop whining about the past. All i’m hearing is, We should have picked up this guy or that guy, give me a break… Scott makes a good point, we don’t have a clue who Pioli tried to recruit & we don’t know who rejected an offer from a 2-14 team. End of story…

    A week ago everybody thought Bobby Wade would be a good pickup for the Chiefs. Well now he is here. I say, this is good, very good. End of story…

    Finally, Bob Gretz… Lest we forget, He bleeds red & gold… End of story…

    Have any one of you forgotten “This is Raider Week”… Go Chiefs.

  • September 15, 2009  - Scott says:

    jimbo says:

    “Have any one of you forgotten “This is Raider Week”… Go Chiefs.”

    Absolutely NOT!!!

    Time for us to put one in the W column. I hope to see Arrowhead rockin’…just like the old days.

  • September 15, 2009  - el cid says:

    Correct about the draft but we always since the end of free agency dipped heavily into DL. Not one “impact” player. I know it takes ____ years for them to develope. I am old, it used to be see the ball, get the ball but not with the Chiefs. Their DL must develope their skills. I know one game but Jackson looks like another Chiefs studs on the DL. Sorry but pet peeve. And what about Magee, on roster but little else with all those outstanding DL ahead of him (remember 501 yards by Ravens).

    The funny part of it is I think Pioli/Haley are the correct guys for the Chiefs but I am going nuts thinking we will lose to the Raiders sunday. That really sucks.

  • September 15, 2009  - SG says:

    “I speak as a request to you all since I can grow neither kahunas nor a backbone.”

    Dear pathetic faker, SG already has both, but thanks for proving your ignorance in noting that I speak (on a computer screen) rather than write.

  • September 15, 2009  - burnsomatic says:

    Jimbo, you are spot on. Thank you for clearing it all up. I have not forgot it was Raiders week. They looked good running the ball last night to. We are going to have our handsful. Mays needs to show up more in the middle then he did against the Ravens.

  • September 15, 2009  - K See Fan says:

    Bob talks about the WR’s we could’ve got like we had a chance……..hard to sell 2-14. Little too much bend but dont break attitude for the defense on Sunday.

  • September 15, 2009  - SG says:

    “…but I am going nuts thinking we will lose to the Raiders sunday. That really sucks.”

    Stop going nuts. Keep reminding yourself…we hate the Raiders. We hate the Raiders. We will crush the Raiders. We will crush the Raiders. Even Herm’s 2008 Chiefs found a way to win one against them.

  • September 15, 2009  - SG says:

    “Which brings the question you did not ask or answer, Did the Chiefs try to get one of the premier recievers on the market?”

    Some of the other comments today have been weak. But this is a valid question. BobGretz, since you opened the can of worms, any feedback big guy?

  • September 15, 2009  - Rin Tin Tin says:

    X marks the spot, crement the place Chiefs find selves today this ongoing 0-5 nightmare that Dr. Egoli-stein and his not so lovely screaming more so than blushing bride ass(istant)have squat nee wrought.

    What to do, where to go? Nowhere but up? Already at the bottom, so why not.

    In with the good air out with the bad – Chiefs version Hollywood Squares, a new BW in Wade to block – ‘Q’ tip out to PS (be it public school or practice squad, ‘Q’ just gots to go.) Still, Engram just might be a possibility…one never knows when two jokes no waiting :shock: :roll: are calling the shots (‘theirs’ however being but weak rollers the 2nd baseman unlike Ruth’s or other ‘The Babe’ – ‘Rin’s’ monumental shots far beyond the auspices the fence.)

    So much for KC the losers :shock: :roll: lament circa 2009…

    Today we shall talk about nee speak of yesterday – which is always better than will be tomorrow.

    That 1968 game vs the Jets was a 1-point loss on the scoreboard but the difference between Kaycee going to the AFL Championship Game/and Superbowl III perhaps (the Jets went on to beat Oakland & then BALT while the Chiefs got destroyed 41-6 in OAK in a Playoff Game between the 12-2 Raiders & Chiefs that would have never happened otherwise.)

    Len Dawson had arm trouble early that ’68 season, and there were calls to replace him as QB when he went the first three games of that season without throwing any td passes. Too, the ’67 campaign had seen the defending AFL Champion Chiefs slip into 2nd place and miss the post season – it had also sparked trade rumors of a Dawson to Denver for DE & LB Pete Duranko which turned out to be the best trade KC never made.

    When does tomorrow matter? Only by way providing a hindsight to recollection yesterday’s measure – year of victory ’69 one made for Rin’s Chiefs!

    :cool: daddy-o

  • September 15, 2009  - Scott says:

    el cid says:
    “…but I am going nuts thinking we will lose to the Raiders sunday. That really sucks.”

    WTF? Shut the HELL up!!!

    Seriously. Should be a tough game. Division games usually are. But, I think things will start to come together a little better than they did in Week 1…and we’ll win. Think POSITIVE man! No way the Raiders beat us here. No way.

  • September 15, 2009  - SG says:

    I write on the computer screen, because I do not know how to type on a keyboard.

  • September 15, 2009  - jimbo says:

    Let’s keep our chins up.
    The Raiders are a little pissed after last nights late 4th qtr comeback by the Chargers. The Raider defense looked pretty good to me. They were pumped up & flat out got to Rivers many times.(It is hard for me to compliment them). They simply let Rivers toss 5-10 yard passes in front of the linebackers & won the game.
    Good news is, Jamarcus Russell is still not a very good QB. Accuracy problems bigtime. I’ll take Brodie Croyle over J. Russell any day.

  • September 15, 2009  - SG says:


    Can you help this pathetic faker out? They really don’t understand how a good insult works.



  • September 15, 2009  - SG says:

    Nor do I understand how to properly use a computer. Writing on the screen! The horrors! I’ve already gone through three this morning. :(

  • September 15, 2009  - Mark says:

    Bobby Wade is in no way, now how an upgrade over Mark Bradely. Not even close. He’s not an upgrade over copper. Wade IS Bobby Engram, only 8 years younger. They do the exact same things, and have the same weaknesses. They better cut Engram, because having Wade and Engram on the roster is a waste of time. Also, Wade is a HORRID returner, with an extreme case of fumblitis. 10 fumbles in 33 attempts in 2005, with FOUR in one game. I don’t get this signing, unless they cut Engram.
    I’d much rather have Lelie back.

  • September 15, 2009  - SG says:

    And to top it off, I have diarrhea!

  • September 15, 2009  - Mark says:

    Bob was fired from by Scott Pioli, and now the bitterness is starting to show. I am also convinced that Bob is, and was Rufus Dawes, despite his denials. Rufus was a way for Bob to really light into those in the media he didn’t like, without the Bob Gretz byline. Also, I’m now convinced, and there is ample evidence pointing to this, including lack of banning, lack of instituting a 1 poster, 1 identity format, which is easy and inexpensive enough to do, that the poster who won’t be named, and hasn’t been read by most for months, is, in fact Bob Gretz, again allowing all of his true views about Haley and Pioli to come out, without the Bob Gretz byline. The bitterness now seeping into Bob’s bylined stories only affirms that view, and that view is being shared by more and more folks on the various Chief boards.

  • September 15, 2009  - Josh says:

    Is anyone else a little bummed that we picked up ANOTHER reciever when that O-Line is piecemeal at best?


  • September 15, 2009  - Uncuffed says:

    Bob forgot to explain that Wade was signed *AFTER* week 1 b/c of the rules regarding veteran contracts (guaranteed if signed before week 1, not if signed after).

  • September 15, 2009  - Uncuffed says:

    Regarding Bob’s new negativity:

    We should remember that correlation does not imply causality. That is, most of you are assuming he’s more negative because he was “fired” from the sideline and website. But perhaps he was overly positive before b/c those jobs depended on it? And now a more balanced Bob is coming out. God knows he was overly supportive of Herm in the past.

  • September 15, 2009  - SG says:

    “Writing on the screen!”

    Actually I use Post-it notes. Keep trying though.

  • September 15, 2009  - B in SC says:

    Signing every available free agent sure wouldn’t help this team. Most free agents are motivated by money only. I think many valid points have been raised, just not by Bob.

    Pioli/Haley/staff came onboard late.
    Who wants to go to a 2-14 team?
    We don’t know who they talked to.

    It kills me when I see someone write that we “should” have signed such and such. It doesn’t work that way. You have to have a good fit, and two willing parties.

    Finally, this team wasn’t going to be fixed in one off-season. It will be another two years easily before they are a real contender. I think Pioli would rather draft as many of his own and sign a FA here and there. The signings now will just be to upgrade a little bit. There isn’t a saviour on the scrap heap just waiting for a job.

  • September 15, 2009  - SG says:

    “Is anyone else a little bummed that we picked up ANOTHER reciever when that O-Line is piecemeal at best?”

    But WR’s are more used to RUNNING than O-linemen (just ask Sackintosh).

  • September 15, 2009  - alex k says:

    to answer the first question asked since lets face it no one reads the middle anymore with rin double posting…

    I do believe they went after a BIGGER name, but not a boldin type name in terms of how big.

    Gage is simply another ok reciever, KC may have to add 2 talented wideouts in the offseason.

  • September 15, 2009  - SG says:

    “And to top it off,”

    At least your other comments were original. Have you been using leftover Bam Morris byproducts again?

  • September 15, 2009  - Rin Tin Tin says:

    ‘Fake’ SG said on bended knee to


    - yes, what is it now charlatan?

    “Can you help this pathetic faker out?”

    - unquestionably – busses leaving this 0-5 KC 24 hours a day; there – you’ve got a ticket to ride, leave this perdition last place AFC West…

    “They really don’t understand how a good insult works.”

    - ‘they’ also believe :shock: & :roll: know what they’re doing; in a sense they do – what they be ‘doing’ is Kaycee…


    - of course…


    - aka stupid guy … the real one(Rin wouldst say you are far better than the former, but then that wouldst not be saying much :cry:

    :cool: daddy-o

  • September 15, 2009  - SG says:

    “a new BW in Wade to block…”

    You assume he’s being added as a WR and not another attempt to upgrade the RT or TE position (reference comments on WR’s being more willing to run).

  • September 15, 2009  - Rick says:

    Don’t get me wrong I would read any of bob’s articles over whitlock’s but just liked reading the positives much more than the negatives…..Remember last year we had a chance to beat patriots week one and had an embarassing loss at home against the raiders in week 2 where we looked absolutely horrible….first time in my 20 years of being a season ticket holder I didn’t attend another game after the Raiders…Live 4 and a half hours west of Stadium and looking forward to another year of trips to KC!!!!

  • September 15, 2009  - Rick says:

    Correct me if I am wrong but the first year Pioli and Belichek were in New England didn’t they have around 25 new players on their roster went 5-11 and second year either won or made the super bowl??? I am thinking I read that somewhere.

  • September 15, 2009  - SG says:

    “aka stupid guy … the real one(Rin wouldst say you are far better than the former, but then that wouldst not be saying much”

    Note to pathetic faker, please take notes – at least Rin produces a zing with a tiny bit of sting (although I will say that was not a very strong effort).

  • September 15, 2009  - Rin Tin Tin says:

    Now then, back to football…

    If a strong Ravens run defense – it was – gives way now the so-called Raiders ‘weak’ – tho said did not look such vs San Diego last night – can perhaps get better idea just how sorry KC Chief rush offense is/will be in this Year of our Rin 2009.

    Run for 29 vs BALT then 191 vs OAK average it out to 110 per game – but, which to believe and or to expect ongoing?

    Probably more so realistically willst the KC Chiefs be a 75′ish yards per game on average rushing team this annum.

    To reiterate did not appear as if running against OAK will be any walk through the Black Forest, so much as date with dark destiny ours.

    As Rin has said for awhile now, this is the only game He sees the Chiefs being capable of winning until December. If KC does not, oh the woe shall be visited these here parts the familiar refrain that but grows greater as the affirmation-

    “I can take ANY 22 guys from off the street and… go 0-6.”


    :lol: & :razz:

  • September 15, 2009  - Anonymous says:

    Bob and Jason are the same, here to create talk. Able to take any side, doesn’t matter, whatever it takes to generate revenue, either through sales are advertising.
    Lassie? WTF? your posts are becoming even stranger.
    God is great, Beer is good, and lassie is crazy…..arf

  • September 15, 2009  - Chris_Texas says:

    As long as he helps the team I’m all for it. Juggle that roster until you get it right.


    Yes I know we don’t have the O-Line for smash mouth football but its Raider week.

    “Go Chiefs”

  • September 15, 2009  - SG says:

    I have diarrhea – in my head.

  • September 15, 2009  - SG says:

    “I do believe they went after a BIGGER name, but not a boldin type name in terms of how big.”

    Did he go after a guy like some teams go after one – or like Carl Peterson worked hard to keep Gonzalez and Allen?

  • September 15, 2009  - Anonymous says:

    Not a fair comparison, but we got as many t.d.s out of the tightend position as the Falcons did.
    Always hated the Faders, remember Marty saying hang aroung in the game long enough against them and they would screw up, Marty’s team had a great record against them. Favorite bad memory of them was our 6’10” tightend standing under the goal post to try and block a game tying try. He failed, the tied us and I cussed in front of my parents for the first time. Can not remember the year, cue the dog, sure somebody will. Ruck the Faiders.

  • September 15, 2009  - Rin Tin Tin says:

    Twas 1970 – the 6’9 1/4 Morris Stroud stationed under the goal post (Manute Bol’s 7’6 3/4 might have blocked it but Father Time George Blanda’s kick was well above Morris hand.)

    More memorable that game for an Not So Gentle Ben Davidson spearing QB Len Dawson aspect (watch the highlights & you’ll see that aft Otis Taylor/the rest of the Chiefs take Ben to the ground Gloster Richardson KC WR delivers an nice ‘Tomahawk Chop’ or more so ‘balled’ fist to Ben’s person – as in ‘both of them’.)

    Lost in all of this is that if ‘Legs’ Dawson had not tripped he could’ve scored an game clinching touchdown run on the play and Ben would not have had the chance a cheap shot; Ben wasn’t the most intelligent feller and Len not the most athletic, so that the game ended a tie perhaps apropos.


  • September 15, 2009  - Pablo says:

    Can we get over the Tony Gonzalez trade already?

    He is a very unique player and was very popular, but they had to look at players who would help the team in the future and not just in the now. That was the whole problem of the Peterson era, they kept getting players for the short term who were just good enough to stay in the chase, but never looked long term. When they did look long term it was horrible decisions like Elvis Grbac.

    The new management was looking long term and building your offense around a tight end who will retire in 2-3 years is not long term. Besides that, maybe Tony just wanted to go play for a possible contender. Maybe it wasn’t Haley and Pioli forcing him out, but them letting him leave.

    I’m also a bit fed up with everyone talking about how we should have picked up OL/WR/LB/RB like you can run down to Wal-Mart and take them off the shelf. There are a lot of NFL caliber players out there to be had, unfortunately there aren’t a lot of first string, immediate impact NFL players out there. It’ll take time folks.

  • September 15, 2009  - ILChiefsFan says:

    Pablo says:
    “I’m also a bit fed up with everyone talking about how we should have picked up OL/WR/LB/RB like you can run down to Wal-Mart and take them off the shelf”

    A lot of people who comment on this blog wanted the Chiefs to draft Eugene Monroe with their #3 pick in the last draft. It’s not going to be easy to convince those folks, especially this early in the season, that Tyson Jackson was a better choice.

  • September 15, 2009  - True Red & Gold says:

    Bob, this place stinks, SHUT IT DOWN!!

  • September 15, 2009  - Rick says:

    2 and 3 after the first five games is realistic!!!!!

  • September 15, 2009  - Anonymous says:

    Back to school sale, football players half off at Wally world.
    The second round draft pick will come in handy next year. Three picks in the first two rounds, couble of linemen, and a skill postition diff. maker? Sounds good to me.
    Tony G., finish your career out, then sign with us for one day and retire, we will put you in the ring. Bought his jersey before his second season, number and name fading a little, as a player does. Great player but his needs are different from ours.

  • September 15, 2009  - SG says:

    “Can we get over the Tony Gonzalez trade already?…I’m also a bit fed up with everyone talking about how we should have picked up OL/WR/LB/RB like you can run down to Wal-Mart and take them off the shelf.”

    Pablo, thanks for your thoughts on this. Hopefully you feel the same way as me and hope we destroy the Oakland Raindeer this weekend (and every time we play them…without exception).

    For me, the Gonzalez trade has come down to this…we traded the one player on this offense who protected the glaring weakness called the offensive line for 3 years (maybe more). I have watched this team in 2008 have not just its #1, but its #1 and #2 qb’s and starting RB’s all go down with long-term injuries. We hire this great GM from the Pats and hire a D-Coordinator from AZ – both whom are “3-4″ guys and proceed to retool the defensive line because the players we have don’t fit that system – not just with 1st round pick, but with 3rd round pick also. All of this occurs…while we move forward without a clear-cut plan to properly address an obvious problem that was prevalent even when he was here? Sounds like “Self Destruct Sequences for Dummies” if you ask me.

  • September 15, 2009  - gorillafan says:

    I dont see how people are bitching about how we didnt address the o-line and recievers. WTF can you do in 1 YEAR. We got a qb finally, we did get a handfull of WR and Oline, and some are starting on the right side of line that sucked so bad last year. Our defense talent improved, out special teams has improved, my god, 1 year fellas. I give P/H credit for doing this much.

    Plus there are 23 players on the roster that were not on the 53 roster last year, hello…

    and as for bob, people gave him crap for being to pro-herm and pro-carl. he now gives is opinions and views and you all are still on his ass because he is too negative. REALLY…., I think his views are real and truthful. Whats the big deal???

  • September 15, 2009  - Rin Tin Tin says:

    Yessssssss – :shock: & :roll: – crash test dummies


    Rin wondered afore as he wanders still the blog – “why didn’t ‘search’ get something for Gonzalez THIS year?

    ‘He tried but couldn’t’ went the reply. Well, Rin thot that was (supposedly) the difference between any old GM and the best damn GM candidate show in the NFL :shock: ? Such talk has proven cheap – as have the Chiefs 2009 courtesy :shock: & Jr.

    Jimmy Johnson could’ve made it happen for 2009 as he did yearly for the Cowboys…Bill Parcells for MIA, DALL, NE, NYJ, NYG etc as did Bill Belichick for NE. Got nothing for Tony Gonzalez in ’09, got stuck with the #3 draft choice in the draft same (the Jets managed to make a nice move draft time – QB Sanchez.) We got a mid-round talent DE for top 3 money, Clark’s MBA $pinning in its frame.

    Appears that many ‘try’ to emulate the success of others (like Rin imitators and the aforementioned football folk). To date however appears that just as a Weiss & Crennel et al, a :shock: is naught a Bill Belichick, the true architect NE success.

    A #2 or ‘something’ for 2009 might have been that empty RT, RG, C spot being ‘filled’ now ‘stead of that sparkling 0-5 on the season.

    We got a #2 in 2010? Lovely, yes, by all means. Then a Brian Waters will be another year older & L. Johnson too and- well, you get the idea. Fail to plug the leaks of today and they become full blown gape tomorrow with the added e’er eventual more leaks springing become new gape the making.

    George Allen used to trade his tomorrows away for today; Vince Lombardi traded his spare parts away to others and as such always had more bargaining chips aft the fact- Belichick being today’s Vince.

    :shock: ? “He’s a real nowhere man” to reference a paraphrased ‘The Beatles’- “Has a real nowhere plan, plotting in Chiefs 0-5 land making all his tomorrow plans – has nobody…”

    :cool: daddy-o

  • September 15, 2009  - Rin Tin Tin says:

    32 Herm’s Chiefs are still here in 2009, ONLY 21 :shock: & :roll: additions – not e’en “any 22″…

    :lol: & :razz:

  • September 15, 2009  - SG says:


    you eat diarrhea.

  • September 15, 2009  - ILChiefsFan says:

    ““why didn’t ’search’ get something for Gonzalez THIS year? He tried but couldn’t’ went the reply. Well, Rin thot that was (supposedly) the difference between any old GM and the best damn GM candidate show in the NFL”

    Faulty logic. Why can’t Tiger Woods rack up eagles at will? I thought he was the best player in golf?

  • September 15, 2009  - Anonymous says:

    Give it another year and maybe all of Herms Cheifs will be gone. Maybe then we will be worth a crap. Spit out Herms nuts, you moron. He got fired because he sucked.
    The draft pick we got for Tony will come in handy next draft. wait and see. He wanted out of KC dont forget.

  • September 15, 2009  - Scott says:

    I heard the Eagles cut Hank Baskett today. Think Pioli has called him yet?

  • September 15, 2009  - Josh says:

    WOW! This place is a zoo – normally I don’t read it this late in the day so I can skip passed the animals. This was kind of hard to get threw all 80 of ‘em. Anyway…

    Now, on Bob, he isn’t going anywhere next year (forgot who said that and don’t care to look) and I don’t think he is being overly critical of anything. It seems to me that he is merely pointing out the problems the Chiefs have right now – not like they need pointed out anybody who watched the game saw them. I think the man problem/weakness now is the OL – we desperately needed another Brandon Albert and decided to go with Jackson instead. I didn’t like the decision then and I still don’t, BUT who is to say that had we gone OL and WR first rounds in the draft that the defense wouldn’t be even worse now?

    The fact is its a first year coach and a first year GM and a whole lot of young players. The team has a long way to go and Bob’s job is to write about Chiefs football – witch he does, everyday, it just so happens that today/this week the news isn’t what some people want to hear.

    On to the raiders, they looked alright last night. I believe San Diego to be one of the worst coached teams in the league let alone our beloved AFC west, and that really showed last night. Many, many bonehead mistakes and penalties. The raiders defense plays soft, their secondary swats at the ball instead of getting into position to make the right play and the linebackers often seem lost. The one part that looked good for the raiders was the running game but I don’t think they will be as successful with it against us. Jamarcus Russel looks horrid! The second string came in for a series and almost completed as many passes as Jamarcus had the whole second half! Our secondary is too good to have to worry about his arm so the run should be that much easier to stuff.
    And to top it all off its the home opener at ARROWHEAD!!! They will be scared as soon as they come out on the field.

    And please don’t feed the animals.


  • September 15, 2009  - SG says:


    Please feel free to ignore the lame attempt that pathetic-faker posted falsely on my behalf. Do you see anything scheme-wise or otherwise that we should take increased hope about with regard to our poor rushing stats or returning-from-injury starting QB? It may be only one year – but afterall, Missouri is the “show me” state, and I’ve already endured 2 painful years of Herm’s “it’s only one year” approach.

  • September 15, 2009  - SG says:

    “Think Pioli has called him yet?”

    Scott, to answer your question, “no” is my reply.

  • September 15, 2009  - Scott says:


    Think he should? I don’t want to grab at every WR that gets cut. But, it looks like Baskett would be an upgrade over what we have (for the most part).

  • September 15, 2009  - ILChiefsFan says:


    Baskett is subject to waivers. If the Chiefs are interested they’ll have to hope that the Lions & Rams aren’t. I’ll bet he doesn’t get past the Rams.

  • September 15, 2009  - Scott says:

    You’re right on the Waivers. My bad. I was thinking Baskett had played more than two years, for some reason.

  • September 15, 2009  - SG says:


    No seriously. Eat diarrhea.

  • September 15, 2009  - Kevin says:

    your a dumbass for even writing this article….

  • September 15, 2009  - ILChiefsFan says:


    I understand your mistake. I also thought he was vested, but he only has 3 complete seasons.

  • September 15, 2009  - Anonymous says:

    To answer who is Rin ……just put Carl’s P. face to his bitterness on these blogs….. for the owner/managers/coach.Bob & Carl both have a reason for this bitterness. Why let Rin rune your site unless Rin owns it or you own him for favors past. What better way too attack the Chiefs in a cloak of a nominative in herms/the/man/Rin/or any other blog names he chooses.PnS

  • September 15, 2009  - SG says:

    “Think he should?”

    Not really.

  • September 15, 2009  - ChiefGonzo says:

    Two words……..Marvin Harrison

  • September 15, 2009  - Mark says:

    Two more words for Marvin Harrison:

    Too old
    Washed Up

    Take your pick.

  • September 15, 2009  - Anonymous says:

    Will Hank’s wife come to the games?

  • September 15, 2009  - Anonymous says:

    A plea to the one I call Lassie.

    Rin Tin Tin, the first time I have called you that in a while. Come on over to the good side, leave the dark side. I just listened to Todd’s press conference. He gets it. The first coach since Marty to say he HATES the Raiders. It is not too late to come over. If you can not respond to this, I realize every one has to follow thier own path, I will have to return to calling you Lassie, or even worst maybe Toto, or whoever little orphan Annie’s dog was.

  • September 15, 2009  - Scott says:

    Turk gets cut, to make room for Wade.

    Another one (of “Herm’s guys”) bites the dust.

  • September 15, 2009  - el cid says:

    McBride got waived for Wade. Another herm chief who did produce bites the dust.

  • September 15, 2009  - Scott says:


    Great minds think alike, I guess. Ha!

  • September 15, 2009  - ChiefGonzo says:

    Disagree that Marvin Harrison is washed up. I agree he is old, but so is Engram. I think Harrison is worth a shot for a yr or two if they think Engram or Wade is.

  • September 15, 2009  - ILChiefsFan says:

    I like Baskett. He’s big, can get yards after the catch, and is good on special teams. I read somewhere recently that Haley said his idea of a good receiver was Keyshawn Johnson (to each his own, I guess); I think Baskett is fits into that mold somewhat. His biggest negative is inconsistent hands.

    re: Turk. It wasn’t hard to see that coming. Hopefully he can catch on as a depth guy with a team that plays 4-3. A good guy.

  • September 15, 2009  - Mark says:

    2 seconds out of Herm’s 3, now cut for zero return. Herm was almost as bad a drafter as he was as a Head coach. Almost, because it’s not possible to be as bad as he was as a Head Coach.

  • September 15, 2009  - ILChiefsFan says:

    Harrison is a speed guy who’s lost a step. He never was considered an outstanding route runner. Possession receivers like Engram last longer because they aren’t as dependent on speed for their success.

  • September 15, 2009  - arrowhead1978 says:

    hank baskett another guy that will disappear in games… I live on the east coast and cant stand watching the eagles, but they do have the WR depth to get rid of guys that dont catch the ball…

  • September 15, 2009  - arrowhead1978 says:

    Yea well how many balls has engram caught in games so far? I dont recall any so what exactly is making him last longer in KC?? That guy is washed up… Also I would reserve my opinion about Cassell, he hasn’t shown anyone that he is the QB you thought he was… So he could possibly be the first 2nd round bust of the Haley/Pioli era…

    Also i wouldn’t say the chiefs defense looked better when it gave up 501 yards, did the detroit lions defense look better also??

  • September 15, 2009  - SG says:

    “Another herm chief who did produce bites the dust.”

    Who did produce…what exactly? Shall I call on pathetic-faker to assess what was produced?

  • September 15, 2009  - ILChiefsFan says:

    I have my doubts about how much Engram has left, too. But I’ll note that in the Baltimore game he caught the balls that were thrown to him and got a first down when the ball was thrown to him on 3rd down. That’s why he was brought aboard.

  • September 15, 2009  - SG says:


    Josh, nice way to sum up and help us all escape from the “dead horse” discussions.

  • September 15, 2009  - Anonymous says:

    Bobby caught two. You actually can access all this information yourself, no need to have me look it up.
    What does arrowhead1978 mean?

  • September 15, 2009  - SG says:


    Hey man, one thing that we are curious about – are you going to help your fans crank it up for Raiders Week with an Anti-Al story and some stuff to get us fired up?

    Thanks man for all you do with this site.

  • September 15, 2009  - arrowhead1978 says:

    Hmm… good question, It doesn’t mean anything other then a username…

  • September 15, 2009  - arrowhead1978 says:

    yea and i had already saw that he did catch two balls for 19 yards, i was about to say i spoke to soon… But I still think that he is out of date.

    Houshmanzadeh would have been a good pickup knowing then that chiefs opponents wouldn’t be able to double the hell out of Bowe all game. He isn’t a number 1 reciever.. the argument the chiefs only won 2 games doesn’t hold any water when there is a new coach and GM and the fact that Seattle only won what 4-5 games last year and they got a decent WR from the offseason…

  • September 15, 2009  - arrowhead1978 says:

    “He” being housh isn’t a No. 1…

  • September 15, 2009  - Anonymous says:

    With an unsettled QB situation in K.C., vs. an established QB in Seatle, no contest.

  • September 15, 2009  - gorillafan says:


    With time Haley will find the scheme. But with a lack of talent from center to r/h side of o-line, all you can do is short passes and try and run once in a while. spread out the d or whatever, they will make it better

  • September 15, 2009  - Rin Tin Tin says:

    Such paranoia on this blog – this guy is really that one, him over there’s really that one…heh heh heh

    Leave it to :roll: to speak nee clarify, leaving but nothing to doubt as to his lack of football astuteness:

    “I can take ANY 22 guys off the street and… go 0-5 oh, & 0-6 after Sunday’s loss too the RADUHS!”

    Keep up the ‘roll’ you’re on there fella…

    :lol: “How many of the Chiefs are still yours Herm?”

    :razz: “31 Rin – leaving those “any 22 will do” types to the back end of the ‘right 53′ roster – ‘check’ & ‘search’ handiwork more so disaster.”

    :lol: “Exactly – bringing up the rear as it were.”

    :razz: “Exactly so!”

    :lol: “Hey Herm?”

    :razz: “Yeah Rin?”

    :lol: “I’m still a I’m a pickin’!!”

    :razz: “And I’m still a grinnin’!!”

    :lol: & :razz: “Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh!!!!!”

  • September 15, 2009  - ED says:

    People on here talking about why we didn’t go after TJ Housmanzadah but be foreal. This guy wanted to play for a Super Bowl contender. So Pioli didn’t have a chance to sign that guy. To mention Pioli should’ve signed better free agent receivers who else was out there. Coles would’ve been a nice signing but I don’t think he can bring anything better this point in his career than what Bradley provides. I mean as bad as the Jets need a receiver they let him go. That says enough about where he is in his career.

    Anyways Pioli did the best job with what he had to work with. Besides this is just week 1 to early to be critical of moves made by the new regime. You can’t fix everything for a 6 and 26 team in one season.

  • September 15, 2009  - Rin Tin Tin says:

    “Anyways Pioli did the best job with what he had to work with.”

    - just as Herm did with the relics left him by Vermeil; still Herm coaxed a playoff season out of the decrepits…

    “You can’t fix everything for a 6 and 26 team in one season.”

    - nor heal the ‘age spots’ an barely .500 17-16 teams of Vermeil’s last two seasons- neither of which teams made the playoffs – Weepy Dick saw what he had wrought and rah’er go down with the ship resigned/retired. To Coach Herman Edwards Jr,’s credit he brought KC a post season berth – only first year coach franchise history to ever do so!

    That Herm was just given the go-ahead to start a rebuild just last year in 2008 and was given just 1 season to do so is the same standard that must be applied to :roll:

    My prediction: 1 and done for :roll: & :shock: – bring on the Chiefs new GM, Coach and Arrowhead Stadium for 20-10!

    heh heh heh!!!

    :lol: & :razz:

  • September 15, 2009  - Bakjon says:

    First of all everyone who is critizing Pioli/Haley needs to look at the talent that was left on the offensive side before Pioli arrived: D-Bowe,TG,LJ and the B-Boys (Waters and Alberts). But even all of them had their downsides age (TG,LJ, and B Waters), inconsistency (Bowe) and lack of experience (Alberts). If you look at Pioli’s track record usually his first year the teams he’s been a part of struggle but they have big turnarounds in the second year.

    There are some people concerned about the Chiefs having a surprising performance in the first game then having to deal with Oakland for the second year in a row but there is a big difference. Dogboy, arrowhead1978, and SG’s favorite head coach set them up for disaster. 1.) Herm never placed emphasis on the Raider game. He treated just like if it was a normal game unlike other Chief head coaches. 2.) Huard had played a good game against NE but Herm screwed it up by wanting to play Thigpen and having the forgettable Marques Hagans playing QB. When Huard threw an interception when the game was in doubt then Herm came up with a LIE (Mr Pickin and I’m a grinin) about taking him out of the game with some fake injury when Herm didn’t want Huard playing in the first place. It was a miracle that KC somehow trailed at one point 16-8 as we all know that Thigpen couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn. Herm you forgot the magic words: YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME. Haley remembers the roots and will place the proper emphasis on this game.

    While Oakland’s defense played decent last night it shouldn’t be something to be worried about. Their linebackers were droping off too deep and San Diego was able to hit dumpoffs and quick hitting plays. Probably Charles should be used more and plays designed around the TE or slot receiver. Offensively, Russell got lucky because San Diego had a breakdown on coverage as he still struggles with reads. The Chiefs need to shut the run and confuse Russell with different looks.

    KC will be fine and they will lockdown the Raiders and get back in the West race where no team is a worldbeater. San Diego could be but LT is looking old and Norv is doing his usual por job of coaching. At least Haley will do something in his first year that Herm couldn’t do in three i.e. have the Chiefs at 1-1.

  • September 15, 2009  - Bakjon says:

    And one other thing I’m a little fairy

  • September 16, 2009  - SG says:

    “Dogboy, arrowhead1978, and SG’s favorite head coach set them up for disaster.”

    Sad and inaccurate assertion regarding one of the above posters to this blog. Perhaps you should read more of my posts before you state such things again.

    “Rin’s 38-0 projection was weak
    no glory in which for him to bask
    wouldn’t step up to the Scott’s challenge
    Rin’s courage brought to task

    So his sorry 0-16 guess
    his hopes’ back on which to fall…
    Rin has to rely on the Raiders
    Does he have the courage enough – this game to call?

    My projection: Chiefs 24-Raindeer 16

    Santa Claus isn’t giving you a present Rin. 1-1 will be the record and your credibility…(insert yet another toilet-flush sound here after your 38-0 sad-”a” guess on the KC-Balt game)”

    For the record, SG is a Chiefs’ fan – not a fan of a particular coach or philosophy. Herm Edwards, in concert with the former GM Mr. Peterson, in the past two seasons has led this team in a direction that has led to the worst single season in the history of this team. My father and I both felt at the beginning of 2008 season that they should have been shopping for another coach, but maybe Herm could right the ship. He didn’t. 2-14 result earned him and CP a well-placed spot in the land of former NFL coaches and GM’s. We have hired Pioli and Haley, who I believe can do great things with this team. Certain of their decisions to date I greatly support (such as the brilliant move to get Cassel AND Vrabel with a 2nd round pick). Certain others (their handling of the offensive line coupled with the trade of Mr. Gonzalez) I tape GREAT EXCEPTION to.

  • September 16, 2009  - SG says:

    Continued: I took great exception to the O-line/Gonzalez move. Thus, I think we’ll do far better than 2008 this season (probably getting around 5-7 wins – 6 wins most likely this season) and move forward from there. We’re a lot better team this season and are moving in the right direction. Hopefully they will do more things that help us not worry it’s a 1-step-forward-2-steps-backward approach.

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