Andy Only Interested In Players He Can Touch

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The Chiefs wrapped up the first week of on-field OTA sessions on Thursday and when the third practice was over, head coach Andy Reid said he was pleased by the effort and performance from his roster.

“I thought the guys did a nice job with it,” Reid said of the on-field sessions. “These guys are working their tails off . . . these practices you get to see them make adjustments and that’s where I’ve seen the improvement over the three days. It’s not just knowing what to do, it’s making the adjustments based on what they are being shown from a defensive or offensive standpoint.”

The questions for the head coach zeroed in on the two veteran faces that were not part of the first week: cornerback Brandon Flowers and outside linebacker Justin Houston. They are the only members of the 90-man roster that have chosen not to take part in the voluntary workouts.

In his 15th season as an NFL head coach, Reid said he does not spend a lot of time on the subject of players he can’t touch.

“These are voluntary,” Reid said of the OTAs. “It’s not a distraction. We focus on the guys that are here.”

Reid said that neither player was told not to attend the first week of OTAs, and the coach had no idea if they will continue to stay away, or whether they will attend the mandatory mini-camp on June 17-18-19. Because both Flowers and Houston are under contract for the 2014 season, they are required by the labor agreement to show up for the mini-camp.

“Everybody has the dates; they know when it is,” Reid said. “That is not where I put my focus. I have a lot of guys here that are trying to make the football team. That’s how I go and that’s how we roll.”

There were 83 players participating in the Thursday practice. Missing were Flowers, Houston, quarterback Aaron Murray (NFL photo shoot), running back DeAnthony Thomas (NFL rules) and defensive tackle Risean Broussard (hyper-extended knee) were not on the field. Tight end Travis Kelce (knee) and wide receiver Kyle Williams (knee) were on the field but not practicing.

Left tackle Eric Fisher was limited in his contribution, as he recovers from shoulder surgery. Reid said it would be training camp before Fisher can physically practice blocking another player. During Thursday’s work, wide receiver A.J. Jenkins tweaked a hamstring and that limited his participation.

There are three more OTAs set for next week (Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday), followed by four more the week of June 8th, and then the three-day mini-camp.

3 Responses to “Andy Only Interested In Players He Can Touch”

  • May 29, 2014  - el cid says:

    Coach speak. What else should he say?

    Houston want big bucks, he wanted it since he got drafted in the 3rd round and wanted 1st round money. And Flowers can read the writing on the wall, better to save himself for whatever team he ends up on.

  • May 29, 2014  - COCHIEF says:

    I happen to like Houston and Flowers and hope they play this year for the Chiefs. However, I have little sympathy for any player under contract that doesn’t show up for practices because they want a better contract, want to be traded, etc. If you sign a contract than you should be man enough to honor it.

  • May 30, 2014  - Johnfromwichita says:

    OK, I get it. It’s a game and a way of life for me; a business for them. It’s a paycheck for them and a link to my childhood for me. One play can send me over the couch or diving underneath the table. I probably need medication. During the season. My wife says and maybe beyond.

    But I always, when I played, thought of the team; it was tribal. Fifty, almost five, years later we still talk.

    We were together, back in high school, four years. These guys are together for four years, or more, so why don’t they think team? I think playing for pride and each other has to be a hell of a lot more fun than playing for money.

    But, of course, I was able to work and earn until 67. These guys are gone before 40. I had a wife who spent 22 years as a military spouse that could control, keep me grounded. I doubt if these big salaries guys have that.

    So we have whimpy football agents trying to squeeze every dollar for aging players.

    And all I want is to go to the game early, cook stuff that smells good, get a buzz and go into the stadium while screaming so much I have no voice when the game is over.

    Maybe before these jocks hold out for more money, they should come into the parking lot and the stands and see what they are playing for.

    Most of them don’t believe it but they won’t be 30 forever.

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