All Things Chiefs Considered … Wednesday Cup O’Chiefs

So much ground to cover these days with the Chiefs closing out the regular season and then heading to the playoffs. There’s a lot to write about … here it comes.


The Chiefs put three players on the AFC team for the Pro Bowl, about what we could have expected going into the voting. LG Brian Waters, WR Dwayne Bowe and RB Jamaal Charles are all deserving candidates.

So were RG Ryan Lilja, QB Matt Cassel, CB Brandon Flowers, ILB Derrick Johnson and OLB Tamba Hali (above). The rosters for the all-star game are not set in stone and with the game the week before the Super Bowl, those players selected from the teams participating in the championship game must be replaced. Say Atlanta (seven) and New England (six) are playing at Jerry’s World in Arlington, Texas for the league title. That’s 13 players that must be replaced.

By the time the shuffling is done, I would expect at least one more member of the Chiefs to be selected, probably Cassel.

The Falcons’ seven selections was tops in the league. The Patriots’ six slots came in second and Baltimore, Philadelphia, Green Bay and Dallas all had five each. There were four teams shutout of the Pro Bowl as the Chiefs were last year: Cincinnati, Buffalo, Seattle and Tampa Bay. Only the Buccaneers have a winning record.

Former Chiefs players making the game were Tennessee DE Jason Babin for the AFC and TE Tony Gonzalez earned his first spot on the NFC team. There were three rookies selected: DT Ndamukong Suh of the Lions, C Maurkice Pouncey of the Steelers and CB Devin McCourty of the Patriots.


Almost from the very moment when the Bengals beat the Chargers and clinched the AFC West title for the Chiefs, the debate started on whether Todd Haley should rest his starters and veteran players and not play then in Sunday’s season finale against Oakland.

After getting a chance to ponder things, Haley made it plain that the Chiefs would go after Game No. 16 just like they did the 15 before meeting the Raiders for the second time this season.

Momentum is a fickle beast and liable to come and go on a whim. But every team that makes the playoffs hopes to enter January with momentum on their bus and dressing in their locker room. Sit down all your starters and momentum heads elsewhere. Let the starters play and there’s a chance that momentum stays at Arrowhead.

The outcome of the game would be important to the Chiefs only for seeding purposes in the AFC post-season bracket. The Chiefs are the No. 3 seed right now, as high as they can go. If they beat the Raiders, they lock in at No. 3. If they lose, then they have to see what the Colts do to see if they might drop to the fourth seed.

What’s the difference? None really. It’s like fans arguing about their team getting seeded in the NCAA basketball tournament. Generally in the first round it doesn’t matter if you are on the first line or the second line.

It’s the same in the NFL. Some people say that it’s better to be No. 3 because if the Chiefs can win their first game, they would then face either Pittsburgh or Baltimore. If they were No. 4 and won that opening round game, they would then have to play New England, the team nobody wants to play.

But here’s the deal: if a team expects to go to the Super Bowl, they are more than likely to go through New England whether it’s in the divisional round or the AFC championship game. What difference does it matter whether it’s sooner or later?

Some history: since the league went to four divisions in each conference with the 2002 season, only one of eight No. 3 seeds made the Super Bowl: Indianapolis in 2006. Three of those eight seasons saw the No. 3 seed not win a game and only the Colts in ’06, the Colts in ’03 and San Diego in ’07 made the game.

None of the eight No. 4 seeds won the title. Only New England in ’06 made the AFC Championship Game. There were four seasons where the fourth seed did not win a game.

In the last eight AFC playoffs, the conference’s Super Bowl representative was the No. 1 seed four times, the second seed twice, the third seed once and the No. 6 spot once.


Understand this: no matter what team the Chiefs play on January 8 or 9, it will be a team that has more experienced in the post-season than the red and gold. Right now, five of the six AFC teams are in. Four of those teams are returning from the 2009 NFL tournament, another played in the 2008 post-season. Even Jacksonville has been to the playoffs (2007) since the Chiefs last made it in 2006.

That’s the difference in the post-season – there are no more Buffalo, Cleveland, Arizona and St. Louis … oh wait – scratch that, since the Rams could actually make the playoffs this coming weekend with a victory over the Seahawks.

But the point is there are no softies. Some teams are struggling, but the fact they’ve reached the bracket means they are capable of winning at any time.

Haley believes momentum going into the post-season is hugely important. If he’s correct, then the Jets are in trouble and the team to hope comes to Arrowhead is the not so mean green.

Understand this: if the Chiefs hope to end up in the Super Bowl, right now they would have to beat New York at Arrowhead, the Steelers at Heinz Field and the Patriots in Foxboro.


  • BENGALS – placed FB Brian Leonard on the injured-reserve list (ankle) ending his season a week early; claimed CB David Pender off waivers from the Colts.
  • BILLS – placed OT Cordaro Howard on the injured-reserve list ending his season a week early; signed WR Paul Hubbard off their practice squad.
  • COLTS – claimed CB Mike Richardson off waivers from the Chiefs.
  • DOLPHINS – released WR Kevin Curtis and C Eric Ghiaciuc; signed LB Mike Rivera off the Packers practice squad; signed OT Allen Barbre, last with Seahawks.
  • FALCONS – placed S Shann Schillinger on the injured-reserve list (ankle) ending his season a week early.
  • JETS – released DL Matt Kroul.

10 Responses to “All Things Chiefs Considered … Wednesday Cup O’Chiefs”

  • December 29, 2010  - Chuck says:

    Would Kevin Curtis be a good addition for the Chiefs????

  • December 29, 2010  - TX_ChiefAN says:

    I thought you told someone in your “answer Bob” that you would be adressing the pulling of Cassel in your Wed morn cup o Chiefs?

  • December 29, 2010  - Rick says:

    Totally disagree Bob!! The number 3 seed is huge compared to number 4 seed. If we are 3 and win our first 2 than we have a chance yes a chance to host the AFC championship game. Number 4 seed you have no chance in hell to host that game. I would love to see Indy play NE second round. I would think Baltimore could play them tough. It could even be the steelers going there so lots of scenarios left but only one I like is Chiefs getting number 3 seed.

  • December 29, 2010  - Rick says:

    Yeah, what the hey? What’s the deal with Cassel and Brokie’s odd & brief appearance vs the Titan’s?

  • December 29, 2010  - el cid says:

    I feel the Chiefs need to keep it rolling for as far as they go. Lose “MO”, it is hard to get back. But I say ride how Haley wants it, good enough for me.

    Cassel said Haley wanted to talk about situations for the rest of the game with him and that is why Brodie was out there for one series. I guess you can believe that if you want to, why not?

    As for Bob’s last paragraph, I paraphase “Major League”, I guess we will have to go out and win the whole thing.

  • December 29, 2010  - Kiowa says:

    Ofg course we want the 3rd seed, but I would also like to see us kick the crap out of the Raiders!

  • December 29, 2010  - Keith says:

    Bob – Interested in your take on Brodie coming in for that series. Thanks!

  • December 29, 2010  - Nate says:

    Bob – Where did you tie your horse? If we are going to have to go to New England and lose, it would be much better to happen in the AFC title game.
    This is all supposition however to win 2 playoff games this year would be a huge accomplishment! And if one of the very good wildcard teams beats the Patriots, we could host the AFC Title game.

  • December 30, 2010  - robotfighter says:

    All that Derrick Johnson needs to do is to hang onto 3 or 4 of those interceptions that he dropped to make the Po Bowl.

    I was wrong about Haley and Pioli. The Patriots way obviously works and they made some nice additions through the draft and free agency, but they did not start from scratch and they did improve the play of some talented players that were alredy here.

  • December 30, 2010  - Gerardo says:

    I see a tendency here, No.1 and No.2 seed went to the SB 6/8 times, they rested the first week and only played 2 games to get there.

    But! it has to do more with talent than resting one week, still you have 2/8 that didn’t… Anyway, our young team needs more experience than rest. GoChiefs!

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