Admitting A Mistake … Wednesday Cup O’Chiefs

Marty Schottenheimer used to say that the best advice his father ever gave him was not to be afraid to make a decision, because if you make a bad one, you get a chance to make another decision.

Generally, NFL teams are not quick to acknowledge they screwed up a decision. That’s especially true when it comes to the league’s annual draft of players coming out of college. The higher the selection, the tougher it is for the decision makers to admit mistake when the player doesn’t pan out.

So you’ve got to give Chiefs GM Scott Pioli some credit for the decision to jettison last year’s third-round draft choice DE Alex Magee. He and a 2011 draft choice were sent to Tampa Bay for another 2011 draft choice. The details were undisclosed. We can only assume that the Buccaneers pick coming back to K.C. at this time is higher than the one headed to Florida.

If Magee had been any type of player, he would not have been traded. If he had shown anything in the way of improvement, he would still be in the Chiefs locker room and not changing zip codes. The 67th player taken in the 2009 NFL Draft, Magee was a bust and should have never been drafted that high.

There is no other way to describe his brief time with the Chiefs. Last year he played in 15 games, with one start and had eight tackles, two sacks, three quarterback pressures and two passes knocked down. Considering his limited number of snaps, it was a pretty typical year for a NFL rookie defensive lineman.

In that first year, Magee showed he was a bit more advanced than his ’09 draft classmate Tyson Jackson, especially when it came to rushing the passer. It was largely due to his experience at Purdue playing both end and tackle.

Everything was set up for Magee to become a bigger factor in the Chiefs defense coming into this year. When Jackson went down with his knee injury in the opener, it should have been Magee’s opportunity to step into the starting group.

But from the start of the OTAs, Magee was running with the third team defense. He never really rose above that level and this year was active only twice in five games, even with Jackson still not on the field. When he wasn’t activated the last two games, it sent a clear signal that his future did not appear to include a Chiefs uniform.

If Pioli was able to get something for him at this point, then that’s a good move and helps mitigate the bad move of drafting him in the first place.

This past Sunday in Houston, three of the Chiefs ’09 draft selections were dressed and taking part. Fourth-round CB turned S Donald Washington got the start at free safety because of an injury to rookie Kendrick Lewis. Seventh-round TE Jake O’Connell saw his most extensive offensive playing time of the season, and actually caught his first pass of the season. Seventh-round kicker Ryan Succop handled those duties.

But the first two picks in Jackson and Magee were inactive. Fifth-round OT Colin Brown and seventh-round RB Javarris Williams are looking for NFL work. Sixth-round WR Quinten Lawrence is on the team’s practice squad.

One is left to wonder what the Chiefs position would be right now if that draft had produced solid contributors in the first, third, fourth and fifth rounds. That would be three more players, thus improving depth and pushing others to play better. Imagine the impact with that group and Succop, with this year’s draft class.

But give Pioli credit – he acknowledged his mistake and rather than wait for some slim chance that Magee would become a contributing player, he sent him down the road and got something in return.

He followed the advice of Papa Schottenheimer. His bad decision gave him a chance to make another decision.


The Chiefs trading away DE Alex Magee makes him the 14th player among the 100 draft choices in the first three rounds of the ’09 Draft that have been released or traded. That 14 percent failure rate is high after just 22 games of action in a little over 18 months since they were drafted.

The highest pick chopped was CB Alphonso Smith, No. 37 by the Broncos who was traded to Detroit. Pick No. 44 was QB Pat White, taken by Miami; he was released on the final cut before the start of the regular season. Other second rounders released were LB Cody Brown by Arizona and LB David Veikune by Cleveland.

From the 100 players in the top three rounds, 25 have played in all their team’s games or missed only one in the last two seasons. Approximately 90 are no longer on the roster of the team that drafted them. Of 257 players, that’s a very high percentage of 35 percent this early.


  • NFL – fined three players for helmet-to-helmet hits in last Sunday’s games: Steelers LB James Harrison $75,000, Falcons CB Dunta Robinson $50,000 and Patriots S Brandon Meriweather $50,000.
  • BEARS – released DE Charles Grant; signed DE Barry Turner off their practice squad.
  • BRONCOS – placed WR Matt Willis on the injured-reserve list (foot) ending his season; signed LB Diyral Briggs off their practice squad.
  • BUCCANEERS – acquired DE Alex Magee in a trade with the Chiefs for a draft choice.
  • COLTS – claimed RB Andre Brown off waivers from the Broncos; released WR Kenneth Moore.
  • DOLPHINS – signed FB Deon Anderson, last with Cowboys.
  • JAGUARS – re-signed QB Todd Bouman; released S Gerald Alexander.
  • LIONS – activated CB Jack Williams from the PUP list; released S Dante Wesley.
  • TEXANS – released OT Ephraim Salaam and LB David Nixon; OT Duane Brown reinstated to the active roster after serving four-game NFL suspension for violating the performance enhancement drug rules.

8 Responses to “Admitting A Mistake … Wednesday Cup O’Chiefs”

  • October 20, 2010  - Chuck says:

    Why does it always have to be a “secret” as to what we actually got for Alex Magee. Thats the one thing I really hate about Pioli. He keeps everybody in the dark for no real reason. If we knew it was a 4th,5th or 6th for Magee what would it hurt????

  • October 20, 2010  - Edward says:

    Just doesn’t sound like 2009 draft was a good draft. I do however think Magee will probably be a productive defensive linemen in Tampa. And the pick we got back doesn’t matter who cares. Will no on draft day when it really matters. right now as fans we should be more focus on the season and us trying to win this division.

  • October 20, 2010  - Husteak says:

    Jackson is next. Like Bob said – the higher the pick, the longer it takes to admit the mistake. #3 overall was a reach, and now is a bust.
    Good thing he picked up Sean Smith.
    Dorsey is playing some good ball this year.

  • October 20, 2010  - el cid says:

    Wow, I been saying the ’09 draft was not much. Where is everyone of you “give them time” guys? Must say I thought Magee was a adequate backup with up side since he seemed no worse then Jackson and Jackson started from day one. Actually hope it works out for Magee and us. We gave Magee and draft pick for one pick. Maybe gave a fifth or sixth and got a 4th in return or higher based on Magee’s preformance.

    The real interest in this trade is WHO gets added to roster. Scott, how about a WR or take a flyer on some unknown LB?

  • October 20, 2010  - Mark says:

    el cid – My thoughts exactly. As for who will be added in Magee’s roster spot, I’m speculating that someone from the practice squad will move up, depending on the injury situation – maybe Dion Gales on D-line, or Quentin Lawrence at WR, or Ricky Price at safety. I’d be surprised if someone from outside the organization comes in and goes directly on the active roster.

  • October 20, 2010  - John says:

    Would have to disagree with Husteak…Jackson isn’t a mistake and was playing like a madman before going down in the Chargers game. IMHO I think the coaches see a lot of talent and upside in him, which is why even with him being out since playing SD that they were comfortable in moving Magee. Actually says alot about the capabilities of Jackson. While some on here (to include Bob) might disagree with me I believe T-Jax is going to be around for a long time and be a huge contributor to this D for years to come. His first year wasn’t great…neither was Edwards but look at him this year. Big difference with different DC’s in there. I for one am looking forward to T-Jax getting back in the game so he can move that side of the O line like he was against SD.

  • October 20, 2010  - el cid says:

    Mark, Gales would be ok, but just say no and back up very slowly when you consider Lawrence. We have seen all of him we need to. Speed but not reliable. maybe another year of seasoning but I doubt it. DL may be the way to go over WR or LB. UNLESS Pioli could find a vet WR with hands (remember how everyone just died about TO or Moss) and until Bowe can repeat last sunday for several games, he is still suspect.

  • October 20, 2010  - cupp says:

    There’s been a big to do about all the big hits from this past weekend. In my opinion the only hit that looked dubious was the one by Meriweather on Todd Heap. I’m afraid this will get out of hand quickly and any time there’s a big hit it’s going to be a penalty. I think the NFL is talking out of both sides of it mouth on this issue. The NFL is telling these players there doing something wrong to the tune of 175K, but by the end of the season I’m sure we will see those hits on commercials or year end highlight reels selling their product. What’s your take on possible suspension of players due to “egregious hits”? Also what dose the NFL do with money generated from fines? Maybe they should use it to hire tackling coaches to teach proper form to all teams in training camp.

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