2014 NFL Free Agency/Day #11 – March 21


Signed: S Darian Stewart (St. Louis), 1-year deal, terms unknown.


Signed: CB Antoine Cason (Arizona), 1-year deal, terms unknown; WR Tiquan Underwood (Tampa Bay), 2 years, terms unknown; QB Joe Webb (Minnesota), 1-year deal, terms unknown.


Signed: OT Marshall Newhouse (Green Bay), 1-year deal, terms unknown.


Re-signed: DT Andre Fluellen, 1-year deal, terms unknown.


Signed: FS Kendrick Lewis (Chiefs), 1-year deal, $795,000.


Signed: CB Chris Owens (Miami),

Released: DT Brandon Moore.

New York Giants

Signed: G John Jerry (Miami), 1-year deal, $770,000.

New York Jets

Signed: QB Michael Vick (Philadelphia), 1-year, $5 million.

Released: QB Mark Sanchez.


Acquired: QB Matt Schaub from Houston for a 6th-round choice in the 2014 NFL Draft.


Signed: WR Lance Moore (New Orleans), 2 years, terms unknown.

Re-signed: TE Michael Palmer, 1-year deal.

7 Responses to “2014 NFL Free Agency/Day #11 – March 21”

  • March 24, 2014  - R W says:

    Looks as if the FA waves have all hit the shore and all that’s left is the backwash. The Dorsey plan must be for existing roster players, like Commings among others, to step up and make major contributions in 2014? Given the salary cap issue, that may be the best option, I suppose.

    Interesting to note that another source or two has the Chiefs interested in QB Aaron Murray of UGA. “Interested” could mean many things but I’m intrigued just the same.

    I heard a report on Sirius recently where most all the SEC DBs at the combine were to have said that Murray was the toughest QB they had faced which dovetails into my high opinion of his skills but he is coming off a major ACL injury and all the uncertainty that accompanies it, so where will he go in the draft?

    Would the Chiefs send Murray’s name up if he were there in the 3d round? In the unlikely event of that happening, what would it do to an Alex Smith renewal? This story is probably much ado about nothing at all, but interesting just the same.

  • March 24, 2014  - chief214 says:

    what’s anyone else’s reaction to the espn report this am that tommy boy/the raidah’s are open to signing incognito?

    for a team fighting to regain some attitude, he’d be a nasty piece of an interior line. as much as i’ve always despised the guy even before the martin situation, he’s probably a low risk to cause issues since he’ll be on his best behavior to get a new long-term deal.

    given KC’s interior line holes, I cringe at the thought of him ending up in the division. too bad we lack an established leader in the OL room – ala albert – so we could at least consider it — if only to keep him away from oakland. or, that fisher had more of an edge – ala taylor lewan – so we wouldn’t have to worry about the effect on his development.

    andy pulled it off with Michael vick, who came back with far less respect from fellow players than incognito’s managed to retain throughout the fiasco.

  • March 24, 2014  - chief214 says:

    I’d be disappointed if we pick a QB before round 5, and, really, if we draft have to one at all given the state of the roster overall.

    bray’s physical tools, and thus his upside, appear superior to murray / mettenberger / McCarron/etc. seems we signed him knowing it’d take 2-3 years to see if he’s gonna develop the mental acuity and maturity to be a future starter.

    the fact that we didn’t spend a draft pick on him may increase the likelihood we move on after a year.

  • March 24, 2014  - el cid says:

    Players come and go. In the long run, seems to average out. Some teams have runs of greatness, disappear for a few year and another run. Some are stuck in the lower levels. That seems to be the Chiefs less the current GM and HC, time will tell on those two.

    If REid saw a great QB, why not draft him with first pick. We do not have a #2 and, face it, we are not going to pound Denver into submission any time soon.

    Sorry my concern is the OL, takes time to mold into a great unit, lost a bunch this off season and not anything we can do about it. We will be into the regular season before this unit can protect Smith the way he deserves.

    But we will play, got Charles, a pretty good defense, some new draft picks and some from last season may play this year. We move on.

  • March 24, 2014  - R W says:

    El cid…
    I believe a team’s front office has to be consistent and, by doing so, stay the course with their plan. If the plan fails to work, then obviously you have to tweak or change.

    My point. It’s too soon to know or judge Dorsey ‘ s plan. Look at other teams around the league that go for quick fixes/changes/headlines like the Jets for example. How’s that working out for Woody Johnson?

  • March 25, 2014  - el cid says:

    Would suggest there is a lot of truth, RW, to what you say. But do not believe fans need to bury their heads in the sand or pitch a campaign of blind support just because a guy named Dorsey or coach named Reid currently have the job.

    Much to soon to judge anyone but think it is ok to say – where is all the money tied up so we allow 1\2 the OL to walk for no compensation. Who are their replacements, who is making this team better this year, etc. Not disloyal but allowable thinking to me.

    As for judging others, sorry do not know who Woody Johnson is and could not care less how he effect my football interest if not with the Chiefs.

  • March 25, 2014  - Johnfromwichita says:

    cid, I understand after years of smoke and mirrors and on the field failure why fans should be wary. And not believe everything.

    But sometimes you just have to believe…have faith…let go…enjoy…scream until your voice goes away.

    That’s the fan way.

    As a WSU Shocker fan I am just now climbing out of the fetal position I have laid into since Sunday.

    Damn Kentucky!

    But, cid, Shockers and Chiefs have next year and I believe.

    You need to also.

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