NFL Statistically Speaking – Longest Plays By Club 2011

Everybody loves the big play in the NFL. Last year, the Chiefs were seriously deficient in plays that chalked off big chunks of yardage. The longest play they could manage was a 52 yard TD pass from QB Matt Cassel to WR Dwayne Bowe. It was the offense’s only play of more than 50 yards. Only one other offense had more trouble getting big plays than the Chiefs – Washington Redskins. The longest play that Mike Shanahan’s offense produced was a 51-yard catch and run by WR Donte Stallworth.

At the other end of the spectrum were New England and the New York Giants that both had 99-yard TD pass plays. They were also the teams that played in the Super Bowl.

If the Chiefs are going to move from pretender to contender, they are going to need bigger plays on offense.

Here are the longest offensive plays for all 32 NFL teams during the 20112 season: …Read More!

AFC West 2012 Analysis – Offensive Weapon

We are analyzing the four teams in the AFC West on a position-by-position basis. We used about a half-dozen sources for our evaluation, relying on pro personnel scouts around the league who get paid to evaluate NFL players. As we go along through positions, we’ll keep a scoreboard and find out which of the four teams has the most talented roster (on paper); in this case it will be the team with the fewest points. Points match where they are listed; example, the No. 3 spot means 3 points. Offensive weapon is considered a non-starter or immediate backup who could change the face of the team’s offensive attack at any time.

AFC WEST 2012 SCOREBOARD (thru offensive weapon) – Chargers 36, Chiefs 37, Raiders 41, Broncos 46.

Offensive weapon

1. Jacoby Ford, Oakland

5-9, 185 pounds, born 7/27/1987, 3rd NFL season, selected in 4th-round ’10 by Raiders; 24 games with 44 catches for 749 yards and 3 TDs, and 14 carries for 186 yards and 2 TDs, including a 71-yard run.

Ford has made his mark largely as a returner for the Raiders, but Chiefs fans know that he can make it happen on offense as well. In 2010, he caught six passes for 148 yards against the Chiefs in Oakland, and came back in Kansas City to score on a 10-yard run as the Raiders swept both of those games. Despite his small size, Ford has been sure-handed, fumbling just once. He only had the ball thrown towards him 33 times last season, catching 19 passes. It didn’t help that he did not play in half the season, and was on the field for just 219 offensive plays. If he can stay healthy, Carson Palmer will find a way to use him. …Read More!

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