“Un – BOWE – lievable”

From Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis

“You know my last name is Bowe, and so everything I do I try to make it un-bowe-lievable.”

He certainly made that happen on Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts. Since joining the Chiefs in 2007, he’s played in 64 games and now has 35 touchdown catches after the Chiefs 28-24 victory.

It’s No. 35 that won’t be forgotten. If you missed it, don’t worry, it will be repeated over and over and over again on highlight shows for the rest of the NFL season and beyond. It will have anybody wearing red and gold saying “un-bowe-lieveable.” It will always be part of the highlight reel of Dwayne Bowe’s career.

Third quarter. Chiefs down by 10 points. Less than a minute to play in the period. It’s 1st-and-goal at the Colts 5-yard line. Bowe lines up on the right side. Indy CB Jacob Lacey was across from him in coverage. QB Matt Cassel took the snap and lofted the ball toward the right corner of the end zone. Bowe was back pedaling, trying to get into position to catch the ball.

Lacey had no idea the ball was in the air and just ran into Bowe, drawing a penalty flag for pass interference. But Bowe never took his eyes off the ball. It came down on the back of Lacey and Bowe got his hands on it. The ball popped up in the air and as he was trying to disengage himself from Lacey, Bowe tipped it into the air again.

Finally, he was falling to the ground and grabbed the ball and held on. Touchdown Kansas City.

Greatest catch of Bowe’s career?

“As of today, yes, but I’ve still got more games to go,” Bowe said.

He plans more catches like that one, more plays that matter in the game. He had more than a few of those against the Colts as he made the life of Lacey miserable. The third-year CB out of Oklahoma State got burned time after time by Bowe. In all, he caught seven passes, averaging 18.3 yards per catch. He moved the ball:

  • A 41-yard touchdown catch in the second quarter where he ran for the last 35 yards or so.
  • A 29-yard catch on the right side against Lacey that helped set up a late second quarter touchdown for Breaston.
  • A 17-yard catch and run early in the fourth quarter that helped change field position.
  • There was a 15-yard catch early in the third quarter to get the offense going in the second half.

His performance, including that amazing 5-yard tip, tip, catch and touchdown play came almost exactly a year after the last time the Chiefs played the Colts in Indy. In that game, Bowe had a late touchdown pass go through his hands and the Chiefs ended up losing 19-9.

Although his quarterback disagreed with the assessment, his performance on Sunday may be a great signal as to how far Bowe has come in the last year.

“I know what I have to do,” Bowe said. “I came out and did my job and I was looking into the lights and it wasn’t a problem for me. Last year, the lights were so bright and I didn’t spend any time preparing for them. But Cris Carter told me to go on the field and spend time looking up into the lights.”

The bright lights don’t often bother Bowe, and he’s showing that in his play. Through five games he now has 23 catches for 420 yards and 4 TDs. Last year on his way to his career best season, he had 15 catches for 260 yards and 3 TDs in his first five games.

“Dwayne continues to make unbelievable plays,” said Cassel. “He’s a guy that I trust with all my heart and the ball, especially the ball.”

Oh and Matt, it’s no longer un-be-lievable.

It’s un-bowe-lievable.

2 Responses to ““Un – BOWE – lievable””

  • October 9, 2011  - ED J says:

    Bowe is being that #1 receiver all Chiefs fans invisioned when taking him in 2007 draft. Great to see him continue to shine. I said when Charles went down he’s best player on offense now the game plan must be built to get him more involved in offense and Muir did that today. Big ups to Muir for utilizing Bowe more.

  • October 9, 2011  - Chiefs Come-From Behind For 28-24 Victory : BobGretz.com says:

    [...] SIDEBAR: “Un-bowe-lievable”. [...]

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