½ Mack Lee Hill Award Winner

Four different members of the Chiefs 2010 rookie class were involved in the voting for the half-season Mack Lee Hill Award for performance by a rookie player.

But third-round draft choice TE Tony Moeaki was the runaway winner. He finished well ahead of first-round draft choice SS Eric Berry who finished second in the voting of bobgretz.com readers and posters.

The bronze medal goes to WR/RB Dexter McCluster. FS Kendrick Lewis also received a vote.

Here’s how the voting broke down:

  • Tony Moeaki – 48.5 votes.
  • Eric Berry – 29.
  • Dexter McCluster – 16.5.
  • Kendrick Lewis – 1.

And here are some of the better comments from the posts and e-mails about the top rookies at the halfway point of the season. Thanks to everyone for voting.


“Not only does he lead our team in receptions and made that brilliant reception in the end zone during the 49er game, but our running game this year is #1 in the league. A lot of credit is due the offensive line and our backs themselves, but the blocking from our tight ends (especially Moeaki) has also been key. And if it wasn’t for the sure route running and hands of Moeaki during the Buffalo game, we’d be 4-4 right now and behind Oakland in our division.” Graig.

“Moeaki has been more consistent and spectacular as well as contributing significantly to our offense. He’s been much better than expected at blocking, gives Cassel a reliable pair of hands, and is an excellent red-zone target.” TruChief09.

“Moeaki has proven to be a great pass catcher and route runner as well as an outstanding blocker in the run game. This guy is already one of the best blocking TEs in the league in my opinion and has probably the best hands on the team, despite his drop against the Raiders.” Nick.

“The other rookies are playing well, but for his position in the draft, he’s exceeded expectations.” Derek.

“This guy almost makes me not mind Tony Gonzalez playing for Atlanta. He’s been great all season. That one handed TD catch still plays over and over in my mind.” Todd.

“I didn’t like the trade-up on draft day, but what a player and steal he is.” aPauled.

“Good hands, good routes and excellent blocking. But I agree with several comments that Berry has improved tremendously and will probably win this category after a full season.” Morten.

“He’s made us forget about our previous Tony. Consistent hands, better than average to superb blocking for a TE. You wouldn’t expect much more from a 2 to 3 year veteran.” Nathan.

“No yo-yo in this kid. He’s the same dependable pass catcher and blocker week in and week out. Eric Berry seems to be ascending, but at the mid-point, Moeaki has delivered big plays and hasn’t cost the Chiefs with negative plays or turnovers.” Tenand6

“A big time receiver, who is better than Tony G. in his SECOND season. He’s an excellent blocker and may be one of the reasons why the rushing game excels.” KC Guy.

“He has come into the league NOT looking like a rookie! Beast of a blocker and has shown good hands and can GET OPEN!” dan in joplin.

“Moeaki for his steady, if unspectacular contributions. You can’t give it to Berry until he stops biting so hard on the play action and you can’t give it to McCluster because he’s been “unavailable” due to injury.” Mark.

“Always gives everything he’s got on every play. And he’s only a rookie! Tony embodies the principles of Mack Lee Hill.” Daniel


“I like Moeaki but from an overall impact to the team, Berry gets my vote. A defensive leader on the field, around the ball and makes plays. For the number of plays he sees versus Moeaki, I believe he has made the greatest impact. Comparing his stats to some of the other rookie safeties in the league over the last few years helps me realize his value. I would say he is overachieving as a rookie even considering his #5 draft spot with still a lot of upside.” Marc.

“He’s played every snap and is already consistently good against the run. His two INTs showed improvement against the pass and he showed a glimpse of what he can do on the blitz against Oakland.” Michael.

“He’s been a starter since day one and while he’s been beaten a few times, he’s learning. He provides excellent run support and always seeming to be around the ball.” Mike.

“Berry’s play has improved every week and his run support has been one of the main reasons for the improvement in the defense. Berry hands down. Walter.

“Eric Berry; the defense is so much better this year, second with tackles, 2 INTs and 2 sacks. What else can you say? We have not seen safety play like this in years.” Craig.


“The other rookies have shined at times, but when McCluster is lined up on offense, defensive ends and linebackers simply stutter. We need him back desperately.” Josh

“Before he got hurt, I would have gone with Moeaki or Berry–but seeing how ineffective our offense has been the last two weeks without McCluster in it, it’s obvious that this kid is a big deal.” Pat.

“He’s a difference maker in any number of ways thanks to his versatility and impact.” RW.

“McCluster, simply because you can see the impact he has had on (and by extension, not being able to be on) the field in our game plan between the past 2 games and the first 6 games. Love that little guy.” Zac.


“The D is just different without him. He’s not the most talented, just a very good player who has exceeded expectations.” Tony.

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