½ Derrick Thomas Award Winner

It was one of the voters for the mid-season Chiefs MVP that said it best for a lot of long-time Chiefs fans.

“It’s actually nice to have many players that deserve these awards,” wrote gorillafan. “The last few years it would have been only 1 or 2 players to battle over who should get it. This is awesome!”

When the voting was done nine different players on the 2010 Chiefs received votes for the ½ Derrick Thomas MVP Award. It was a close vote through most of the tabulation of posts and e-mails. But in the end the honor goes to OLB Tamba Hali. He finished a half-dozen votes ahead of the silver medalist RB Jamaal Charles. The bronze went to ILB Derrick Johnson.

Here’s how the voting broke down on posts and e-mails:

  • OLB Tamba Hali – 30 votes.
  • RG Jamaal Charles – 24.
  • ILB Derrick Johnson – 12.
  • CB Brandon Flowers – 11.
  • RB Thomas Jones – 6.
  • QB Matt Cassel – 2.
  • DE Glenn Dorsey – 2.
  • OLB Mike Vrabel – 1.
  • C Casey Wiegmann – 1.

And here are some of the posts and comments about these MVP candidates:


“His pressure on the QB sets the tone for the rest of the defense, and the defense has carried the team.” Derek

“I don’t even want to think how anemic our pass rush would be without Tampa. You take this guy off the roster we go from an average to slightly above average pass rush to a totally non-existent pass rush. Plus he actually reminds me a little of DT. Not as good and not near as quick of a first step but another great edge pass rusher.” Nick

“Consistently in the opponent’s backfield, he’s always in on the play. He has blossomed into an outstanding linebacker in the 3-4. When a big play happens on defense, it’s often because Tamba made something happen, or allowed other players to make plays because he did something spectacular.” Daniel

“He’s the best player on our team. The only player, with the possible exception of Jamaal Charles, who other teams have to prepare for during the week. He elevates the play of the whole defense, not least because he is now attracting double teams.” Brad

“Simply put, the defense is the best of the three units, and without Hali pressuring the QB regularly, offenses would be killing us with the pass. Johnson and Flowers also deserve credit, but QB pressure is a major factor in the effectiveness of a defense, so I’m going with Hali.” Pat

“The guy is relentless, consistent and disruptive. A little help on the other side and he’d be All-World. As it is, he’s the best of the Chiefs in 2010.” RW

“He is getting better and better all the time and looks to stay poised all year. Nice to see he finally got over the foot problems that plagued him for awhile.” Kiowa

“Great motor and great productivity. With a slightly better supporting cast, he’d be leading the NFL in sacks/QB pressures.” Mark

“Tamba Hali hands down. Where would we be on defense without his pressure? The corners can only cover so long.” Craig

“I don’t remember which game but there was a shot of him bleeding heavily from the chin, staring across the line of scrimmage at the opposition. Quarterbacks must hate him. He has been the hard working, lunch pail kinda guy that I love to root for.” TDKC

“Opposing offenses have to game plan around Hali. Constantly sees double teams or chips.” Marc

“A high motor guy who is creating a lot of problems up front for offenses without a whole lot of help from the other side. This helps the rest of the D.” PAChiefsFan


“Charles is essentially the Kansas City offense. Let’s face it. None of our WRs are a threat, Matt Cassel is a game manager and nothing spectacular, the offensive line has been pretty good, but inconsistent lately with 3 sacks given up in the past two games and Jones is a nice complement. But Charles truly leads the Chiefs offense.” TruChief09

“A special player, who makes special plays and give the Chiefs a top-notch weapon defenses have to worry about.” Michael

“He is at least ½ the reason our rushing offense is tops in the NFL. He has more than 5 yards a carry on average. He’s fast.” Todd

“The most explosive back in the NFL leading the best running offense in the NFL. Charles is the closest thing to a sure thing the Chiefs have. If he goes down to injury, our playoff chances are next to none.” Tenand6

“He is the most exciting player to watch. When he takes the ball, I sit on the edge of my seat, hold my breath and wait for him to break a long run every time. His average YPC is amazing.” Michael

“The only consistent real threat to make a routine or big play.” Dwight


“He shows up all over the field. I think he’s the leader of a much-improved defense.” Michael

“Simply put, he’s a game-changer, capable of taking it to the house on any given play.” Mike

“I’d say D.J. just the way he is making plays and changing the entire way the defense is able to operate.” Zac


“He’s simply the Chiefs best player.” Tony

“Everyone is forgetting about Flowers because of one bad game. He has been the best player on our most improved unit … the defense.” Sal

“Flowers is the best player on the most improved side of the ball. He consistently gets picked on but continues to make plays. He has had one mediocre game.” Nathan


“Thomas Jones – yards and leadership.” Harvey

“Thomas Jones for toughness, consistency and leadership and adding years to Jamaal Charles’ career hopefully.” robotfighter


“Matt Cassel he has placed the ball where it needs to be at the end of games and has not had many turnovers. He has shown fire work ethic and has improved a lot in the areas of getting to ball out of his hand and not taking many sacks.” Carl


“The biggest turn around since last year is our run defense. This starts at the defensive line. Dorsey has caused havoc on offensive linemen all year. He has disrupted numerous plays, and constantly holds up his gap to allow our linebackers to make plays.” Graig


“Due to the veteran leadership that he brings.” Lyle


“O-line leadership and line play calling is the reason behind all the glamour that this year’s team is #1 in running offense.” Kurt

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